Turing creates Global Radar Digital Ecology


As a decentralized innovative blockchain financial platform based on the combination of industry and finance derived from Radar system, Turing is a bridge between traditional assets and emerging digital assets. It can help users realize investment and financing quickly and cheaply and the free convertibility, payment and circulation of global currencies.

Turing creates Global Radar Digital Ecology

Turing breaks the monopoly of traditional financial institutions on the investment and financing market, which is similar to Radar’s breaking the monopoly of traditional financial payment system.

The participants of Turing include ordinary users who need to trade digital assets around the world, blockchain technical teams or organizations seeking venture capital, and institutions and companies seeking financial solutions in the field of digital assets.

Turing conducts end-to-end solution for debt or equity raising through STO. It provides integrated functions of digital asset design, major issuance and post-transaction management services for users’ financing needs with the support of an experienced team of investment banking experts. We will bring “best-in-class” design and execution capabilities, tailored to the needs of each customer.

The core value of Turing is to achieve the free flow of global funds, break regional and policy restrictions, improve the efficiency of resource allocation in the financial system, and transfer funds from those with no production opportunities to those with higher production opportunities and capital scarcity, thus creating greater value for the society. Turing is about to attack, continuing the legendary glory.

TURING ,Integration of finance into life.

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