TRON adds a new member-TRON Pro boosts TRON ecological development


TRON Por is a global market capitalization operation and management organization initiated by the TRON Global Foundation in conjunction with major communities. The background of its development is that the TRON Pro team believes that the value of TRON is seriously underestimated. As one of the most widely used public chains around the world, the circulation of TRON TRC20-USDT has exceeded 36 billion; the total number of TRON accounts has exceeded 40 million.

TRON adds a new member-TRON Pro boosts TRON ecological development

The TRON Pro team believes that the target price of TRX tokens is at least $100. Therefore, the team developed TRON Pro on the basis of TRON to help the unit price of TRX tokens reach the goal of $100. Let the TRX public chain surpass ETH to become the world’s largest smart chain.

In order to build a global consensus foundation and promote the rapid development of TRON Pro, the TRON Foundation has raised US$100 million as the TRON Ecological Development Fund, which will be fully used for TRON Pro team building and market development.

TRON Pro creates a greater ecological value of TRON, based on the outlet, mapping the world, and creating the next miracle.

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