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Food is not just a nutrition bridge to our body but also an emotion. Indian cuisine has lured foodies across the globe with its flavours and diverse recipes. A travel vlogger, Karl Rock, recently traveled on a premium economy flight from New Delhi to New York with American Airlines and compared Indian food to the US.

In the viral video, Rock shares that he took a premium economy flight for the first time. He then goes on to show the Indian food he was offered on the flight. “This food is definitely better quality than economy because I was actually able to enjoy it. Breakfast was great too. The food was a step up,” he says.

As the video progresses, Rock displays the food served to him in New York. He says, “But now see my dinner out of New York. Next, breakfast. Are you seeing a pattern? I’ve got rubbery, processed chicken, boring rice, and just flavourless slop! And I love American food.”

“Grits, biscuits, barbecue. But, man, this ain’t it! This is American jail food,” Rock declares.

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Food videos, especially comparisons, never miss the internet’s attention. The said video got flooded with reactions as one user shared, “My food from Germany to Mumbai was with Lufthansa and indisch, the plane was full with Indian and it taste delicious, normal class.” Another user wrote, “Airlines in the US have lost their edge on any food they serve…even in First/Business class.”

Festive offer

“Good to see him sharing good aspects towards INDIA rather than scams,” yet another user commented.

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