Travel TikToker slammed by “broke” viewers for telling them to “just book a flight”


Published: 2023-09-01T21:54:21

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-01T21:54:34

A travel influencer is getting slammed by viewers on TikTok for telling them to “just book a freakin’ flight” to Thailand — but netizens say they’re too “poor” to drop everything and go.

Travel content is an extremely popular niche on the internet, allowing viewers to get a taste of lands far, far away that they normally wouldn’t be able to visit due to expenses, time, or other reasons.

However, one travel influencer is coming under fire after her latest trip to Thailand due to the way she worded a message to her viewers.

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TikTok creator Kat Crittenden might be based out of SoCal, but she’s trotting all over the globe in her videos, often sharing her travel hacks and best places to visit.

TikToker slammed for telling fans to “just book a flight” to Thailand

During a recent trip to Thailand, Kat was so completely jazzed about her experience that she felt the need to tell her viewers to hop on a flight and go there straightaway.

“What are y’all still doing in America?” she said, showing off a picturesque ocean landscape in the background, complete with islands rising out of the sea. “Like, this could be 5:30 on a Thursday night for you if you just book a freakin’ flight.”

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“Like, come to Thailand!” she continued. “This should freaking sell you.”

Viewers, however, are nonplussed about her argument. Kat’s video has amassed over five million views, and many commenters are claiming they’re simply too “broke” to make a last-minute trip as she suggests.

“I don’t have rich parents,” the top comment reads.

“Pay for my flight tickets then,” another suggested.

“I’ll put living paycheck to paycheck on hold so I can do that. Thanks for the advice,” another wrote.

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It’s clear that commenters feel Kat is a bit out of touch with the reality of many working-class people — but she hit back at these sentiments in a follow-up video, claiming that she doesn’t use her parents’ money and didn’t even travel outside the United States until she was 18.

This isn’t the first time an influencer has been called out for a similar situation; in August, a TikToker came under fire for complaining that she didn’t get a Lambo as her first car.

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