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Last month, I found myself way up north in Swedish Lapland. Surprisingly to some, I wasn’t there chasing the northern lights but instead indulging in cold-water bathing, a wellness ritual I picked up during the pandemic as a means of self-care. On this trip, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of nights at Arctic Bath, a designer hotel offering cold-water bathing year-round in their open-air cold pool and also in the Lule River, on which the boutique hotel seemingly floats. 

In between very cold-water plunges, deep tissue massages, and also Julevadno sessions with sauna experts working with Arctic Bath, I hiked a lot in the woods surrounding the hotel (the chef at Arctic Bath, David Staf, is excellent so I needed relief in between hearty breakfasts and indulgent dinners) and thus spent hours in my favorite hiking boots, the Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots. 

Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots


Let me start by saying I have been wearing these Merrell Moab Hiking Boots for at least five years now and still love their versatility, durability, and also functionality for hiking during the fall and early winter seasons. No matter the terrain, I feel incredibly secure and safe, never feeling like the traction underfoot will slide or derail me when it rains and the ground beneath me is slippery. I’ve taken the boot on hikes everywhere from the Swiss Alps to Austria, and they have not failed me once nor have I ever felt uncomfortable in them. That’s why I knew they would do a great job in Sweden, too.

The hiking boot, which comes in women’s sizes 5 to 12, is considered a “best-seller” for Merrell, a company known for making exceptional and highly durable hiking boots — and I can see why. The design of the shoe is well thought out. The mid-height design is not so high that it rubs against your ankle like other boots but enough in height to allow ankle support on rugged trails. 

Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots


When I was hiking in the woods surrounding Arctic Bath, there were trails with loose pebbles and rocks, which I didn’t expect, but my boots allowed me to stay firmly on the ground and my ankles never twisted. What’s more to love about the Moab 3 boots is that they’re incredibly secure but not heavy. Even after four hours of hiking, I didn’t feel like I needed to rip off my boots to let my feet “breathe.” 

I found the brand’s signature “Air Cushion” made for maximum shock absorption, and for those of you who also spontaneously run when out trailing and hiking, you will be glad to know that even running down steep slopes, the Vibram TC5+ outsole allows for optimal traction. That means you can stride, run, and even unintentionally slam your feet on the ground and not feel pain on the soles of your feet.

During my stay in Sweden, I also went on a moose safari organized by the Arctic Bath, and let’s just say that the boots proved to be more versatile than just a regular ho-hum hiking boot. I opted for my ever-so-reliable Moabs, and I am glad I did.

Michelle Tchea

My moose whisperer, a.k.a expert tracker, a.k.a Mikael “Micke” Suorra, confirmed my choice when he picked me up at 6 a.m. from Arctic Bath with light snow falling on our heads. “Yes, your boots are good,” said Micke after scanning my outfit to ensure I was well-dressed for our safari.

A local legend, Micke is the ultimate expert when it comes to wildlife, fishing, nature, and calling out to moose so guests like me and Lily Collins can enjoy Sweden’s Lapland culture up close and personal. So, you can imagine I was relieved to hear I chose the right pair of shoes for my inaugural safari in Lapland.

Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots


Moose safaris aren’t light work: they include waking up at the crack of dawn, trekking to a secret “moose-calling” spot which is usually on a small mountain top and tucked between birch trees, and patiently sit waiting in the cold climate for at least four hours. 

After hours of patiently waiting for moose, I realized the Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots were a great choice. They were light on my feet, and I already knew from past experiences that I could sprint quickly in them if I needed to do so. Although very confident that Micke would protect me from any danger, I also knew that if I needed to run downhill quickly that I could do so safely, even with twigs and stones on the ground, because of the protective and abrasion-resistant rubber heel and toe cap. The Merrell Moab 3 really has it all.

The Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots, with their pig suede leather and breathable mesh uppers, were perfect; their waterproof membrane surrounding the shoe not only stopped my feet from getting wet from the mildew on the grass as I was trekking through the woods but it also allowed for breathability so that when I was sitting on my little “moose-calling” camping stool in between a bunch of bushes of tiny trees. Here, I didn’t have to wiggle around uncomfortably, which would’ve meant making noises that would ultimately deter wildlife from appearing.

Michelle Tchea

I’m not the only longtime fan of Merrell’s Moab 3. One Amazon shopper recently revealed that this is their fourth or fifth pair of Merrell Moab hiking boots over 15 years. “They have always been comfortable and well made, and I’m happy their quality is still there after all these years — unlike many other companies whose quality has gone downhill lately.” They continued to say, “I wore them straight out of the box yesterday for a 14-mile hike on a trail rated moderate on some sections of the trail, strenuous on others, and they were typical Merrell Moab in terms of comfort, support, stability, and traction. Definitely recommend these shoes!”

Another happy customer also acknowledged that Merrell was a reliable shoe for even people with foot pain, “Ordered these for a trip to Ireland, specifically due to them being waterproof…There was no break in period! These boots were comfortable from the first time I put them on.” They continued to say, “I could walk all day in comfort. I have neuropathy and plantar fasciitis, and my feet did not hurt even after being in them for 10-12 hours walking on uneven pavement and up and down wet slippery trails.”

This shopper even agreed that their feet stayed warm like mine did, “And finally, they did keep my feet warm and dry as advertised. If you’ve even been to Ireland you know that it rains and is cloudy more than it is sunny. Perfect product that is exactly what is described and more. These are now my go to shoes for the fall! I have since acquired another pair for variety.”

As Micke had told me before my trip, the only suitable outfit for a moose safari is “all-weather” clothing — and while he gave me a camouflaged poncho to not scare away any of the moose, I’m glad I didn’t need to embarrassingly ask for a good pair of boots. And it’s all thanks to my trusty Merrell Moab 3 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots.

If you’re still searching for your perfect style, read on for more highly rated Merrell hiking boots.

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