The world’s first metaverse ecological platform, Warner Metaverse, its ecological token WAR will be officially launched on Pancakeswap on April 9


According to official news, the world’s No. 1 Warner Metaverse, referred to as (Warner Metaverse), is about to land on Pancakeswao, opening its first show in the blockchain world!

The world’s first metaverse ecological platform, Warner Metaverse, its ecological token WAR will be officially launched on Pancakeswap on April 9

Background of the project:

WarnerMedia, formerly known as Time Warner Group, headquartered in New York, USA, is a Fortune 500 company and one of the world’s largest media and entertainment groups. After a century of development, it owns many media platforms and high-quality content with global influence. WarnerMedia’s main media brands include: Warner Bros. Pictures, Discovery Channel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, CNN, HBO, CINEMAX, TNT, TCM, TBS, HBO MAX streaming, etc.

The world’s top IPs owned by WarnerMedia include: “Superman”, “Batman”, “Joker”, “Harry Potter”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Matrix”, “The Lord of the Rings”, “Friends”, The Hobbit, Band of Brothers, Tom and Jerry, Aquaman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, LEGO, Westworld, The Big Bang Theory, and more, worldwide There are billions of followers. WarnerMedia believes that the Metaverse is the ultimate form of human entertainment, and therefore attaches great importance to it.

In 2020, a dedicated independent department – Warner Metaverse [Warner Metaverse] was established, and a large amount of capital was invested in the development of the metaverse.

As the ecological token and general payment method of Warner Metaverse, WAR is the foundation of all economic systems in the Metaverse. Warner Metaverse is a completely community-based and decentralized project, which is committed to empowering Metaverse through DAO governance. Universe, builds the strongest ecology based on the six major sectors of game + film + music + social networking + e-commerce + trading.

As the only token of Warner Metaverse, WAR is expected to become a dark horse in 2022. It will be launched on PancakeSwap, and will start destroying mining. Combined with the NFT blind box gameplay, it will open up new ideas for destroying mining!

Six core strengths of the Warner Metaverse:

1. Strong strength: one of the world’s top 500 companies, one of the world’s largest media and entertainment companies

2. Huge resources: Metaverse content is king, and Warner has a large number of top IP resources

3. Panoramic ecology: six major sections: games, film and television, music, social networking, e-commerce, and education

4. Innovative model: minting + joint venture + deflation mechanism, ecological virtuous circle

5. Top IP: “Game of Thrones” has 1.2 billion fans worldwide and is worth over $20 billion

6. Global community: Hundreds of communities around the world join, with a huge user base

About Warner Metaverse- Ecological Token:

Token Name: WAR

Total circulation: 9.9million

Decomposition pool: 5.4million

Community operation and maintenance: 2.16million

Blind box: 0.54million

DAO: 1million

Warner: 0.2million (linearly released in 3 years)

LP Pot: 0.2million (permanently locked)

Airdrop: 0.2million

Top 5 strengths driving WAR value:

1. Partner system: become a partner by holding coins, jointly become a merchant, and continue to enjoy dividends and coin price profits

2. Deflation mechanism: 3 destruction systems + N consumption scenarios, WAR is held by a large number of users. Continuous deflation reduces the circulation of WAR

3. Decentralized currency holdings: Institutions only hold 3%, and they are released linearly in 3 years. 4. User base:

4. User base: Warner has more than 100 million streaming media users worldwide, and more than 1.5 billion of them can be converted into residents of the Warner Metaverse

6. Application scenarios: All consumption scenarios in the Warner Metaverse need to be paid with WAR. The content is subject to many application scenarios and consumes a lot, which further reduces the circulation of WAR.

WAR’s 3 major deflationary mechanisms:

1. Hero Blind Box: 50% Destruction, 50% Decomposition Pool

2. Heroes: 100% destruction

3. Life water: 50% destroyed, 50% rewarded

Continue to destroy WAR to reduce the supply of WAR, with a deflation limit of 2 million.

After reaching the limit deflation, it will no longer be destroyed, 100% of the hero blind box will be put into the decomposition pool, 100% of the hero group will be put into the decomposition pool, and 100% of the life water will be used for rewards.

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