The Power of Collaborative Growth: An In-Depth Analysis of the Statter Ecosystem and Its Partnership Network


As blockchain technology advances in sophistication, it fosters collective growth in the industry, a process no longer propelled by isolated instances but grounded in an expansive network of collaborative partners, all striving for mutual flourishment. As a pivotal metaverse public blockchain platform, Statter has adeptly constructed a diverse and thriving ecological system within the current wave of development. The rapid progress achieved by Statter owes much to the reinforcement provided by its partners. This article aims to spotlight the ecology of Statter’s collaborative partners and summarize the roles they play across various domains and their contributions to the overarching Statter ecosystem.

1.Investment Institutions

In March 2023, Statter secured tens of millions of dollars in investment by the Holo Foundation. The two entities entered into a strategic collaboration to construct a comprehensive metaverse infrastructure and advance the development of the entire industry chain. Such a partnership not only fueled Statter’s agile market response but also bolstered its technological growth, accelerating its deep integration into the metaverse domain.

The Power of Collaborative Growth: An In-Depth Analysis of the Statter Ecosystem and Its Partnership Network

Additionally, the renowned financing information platform ROOTDATA has showcased information pertaining to Statter, categorizing it under the “Infrastructure” and “Metaverse” tags. This could indicate that, following the initial investment led by the Holo Foundation, Statter may be poised to initiate a new round of substantial capital fundraising to accelerate the development and construction of its system.

2.Mining Partners

Statter considers carbon neutrality to be the core of its long-term strategic vision. Leveraging its innovative SPOW mechanism, the company aims to strike a balance between computational competition, equity, and energy efficiency, thus advocating for the greening of the mining industry. During the Mining Disrupt conference in Miami, Statter established favorable relationships with leading global mining hardware manufacturers and mining conglomerates, securing robust backing from companies such as HashMax, ALCHEMIST, and CyberChisel. Notably, HashMax in North America and ALCHEMIST from Malaysia have developed environmentally-friendly mining equipment specifically designed for Statter. Moreover, ALCHEMIST and CyberChisel have demonstrated their active commitment and unwavering support for Statter’s comprehensive Metaverse public blockchain network and its decentralized framework by establishing Statter mining farms in their respective operational regions, namely Malaysia and North America.

3.Market Data Platforms

In the realm of cryptocurrency trading, the importance of high transparency and real-time market data cannot be overstated—it is akin to the compass upon which navigators rely in the vast sea. Due to Statter’s esteemed reputation in the industry, its notable market presence has attracted numerous leading market data platforms to proactively showcase STT’s market data. This includes CoinMarketCap, a global leader;, ranked the fourth worldwide financial information website; and the internationally renowned Yahoo Finance, collectively shaping a comprehensive picture of market trends. Statter’s prestige and influence have also facilitated informal partnerships with top-tier market and data platforms in countries such as Poland, Australia, the United States, Singapore, and the UAE, ensuring that the services provided to global investors are unparalleled in both depth and scope.

4.Trading Platforms

As an emerging public blockchain platform in the metaverse mining sector, Statter has been the center of attention in the industry since its inception. After a lengthy and profound period of preparation, Statter’s mainnet was successfully launched. On this occasion, on June 1st, the globally renowned digital asset trading platform Poloniex announced the listing of the STT token. This move has also captured the collective attention of global top-tier exchanges, including Binance, Huobi, Coinbase, Gate,, and Bitget, which had already included Statter’s market data and set up dedicated pages for it. Although Statter has not yet begun trading on these platforms, the inclusion of its market data alone is sufficient to showcase its untapped potential, laying the groundwork for the subsequent launch of STT trading. All this unequivocally demonstrates Statter’s extraordinary strength and potential value within the public blockchain realm of metaverse mining.

5.Media Platforms

Statter has garnered considerable attention for its technological innovations in the realm of constructing metaverse infrastructure. The company has released user-friendly, drag-and-drop public chain creation tools and innovative jigsaw-style DApp component libraries, substantially lowering the technical barriers to developing new public chains and expediting the application process within the metaverse ecosystem. Leveraging its pioneering advancements in metaverse infrastructure, Statter has established strategic partnerships with global media outlets. On the international stage, Statter has formed strategic alliances with well-known Western media such as CoinDesk, Streetinsider, AP News, and Bloomberg, receiving comprehensive and detailed coverage. Simultaneously, in the Chinese media market, authoritative platforms like Jin10 Data, 36Kr, and WallStreetCn have conducted in-depth analyses and reports on Statter’s leading-edge technology. This series of strategies has effectively consolidated global media resources, pushed forward Statter’s global branding strategy, and ensured that investors worldwide can gain deep insights into Statter’s technical prowess and market potential.

6.Strategic Partnership

In the arena of digital transformation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Statter has established a strategic collaboration with HOLO METAVERSE GROUP INC, providing robust foundational technology support for the Web3 applications developed for its industrial ecosystem. Leveraging exceptional performance and cutting-edge blockchain technology, Statter offers comprehensive blockchain and metaverse technical services to 112 industrial spaces within the Holo industry. This collaboration is poised to significantly enhance the overall strength and competitive edge of SMEs amid fierce business competition.

In the field of sports technology, Statter is propelling soccer into the Web3 era. The family of the legendary soccer player Maradona has formed the Maradona Association with Sattvica Company and has entered into a strategic partnership with Statter. Statter will develop the Maradona Metaverse Museum and related blockchain projects such as NFTs and sports planet DApps for the Association. This collaboration extends Statter’s reach into the metaverse and sports applications, elevating the brand’s global recognition, and laying the groundwork for attracting more top-tier sports IPs, highlighting the confidence in its metaverse technology prowess.

7.Security Auditing

In the aspect of security auditing, Statter has formally established a strategic partnership with MTR LABS SECURITY, an auditing firm with a dedicated focus on Web3 and blockchain security. This institution will ensure the safety, privacy, and availability of the overall Statter ecosystem, providing Statter with practical and effective data security solutions and services.

8.Ecological Applications

A robust ecosystem is pivotal to the growth and advancement of a project, creating a positive feedback loop that attracts an abundance of talent and resources to partake in the grand endeavor of ecological construction. Thus far, the Statter ecosystem has amalgamated the Statter multi-chain wallet, compatible with the major blockchains ETH, BSC, and TRON, thus laying a solid foundation for potential cross-chain developments and metaverse projects. Furthermore, the inclusion of diverse and innovative applications such as the Token Creator platform, Holo MIHL metaverse library, Star Master metaverse game, and Seeshine NFT sales platform has significantly broadened and enriched the user experience dimension of the ecosystem. Moving forward, Statter will continue to focus on advancing global ecological construction initiatives and, by establishing a dedicated ecological fund, support a greater number of development teams, thereby collaboratively expanding the reach of the Statter ecological system.

9.Key Opinion Leaders

As the world’s inaugural blockchain platform with a keen focus on the metaverse sector, Statter is devoted to delivering unparalleled services to developers, users, and creators within this innovative realm. Since the autonomous network’s successful inception, Statter has earned widespread acclamation from key opinion leaders across the industry, initially esteemed within English-language communities and now enjoying widespread popularity in Chinese, Malay, Spanish, and other linguistic communities. Statter’s foundational community has broadened its horizons from the early mining circle to now include the whole cryptocurrency industry and web3 communities.

10.Additional Collaborative Entities

In its quest to broaden and deepen the architecture of its ecosystem, Statter’s close coordination with strategic partners has proven to be especially pivotal. Such actions not only enhance the richness of Statter’s business operations but also turn a new page in its growth blueprint. Coinmarketfees, an on-chain fee inquiry platform, serves as a vital tool for discerning transaction costs, significantly facilitating user convenience; Coinando, on the other hand, has established a professional strategic advisory platform for cryptocurrency investors, whose intelligent routing serves as a robust support for capital appreciation. ROOTDATA, a financing platform, leverages refined market analyses to propel investment decisions, efficiently bridging capital with growth potential points; whereas offers a fully automated trading platform, realizing intelligent and highly efficient transactions. These platforms of strategic partners have precisely captured crucial information about Statter and are indicative of a series of innovative actions Statter is poised to undertake.

In summary, Statter has established a robust and influential ecosystem through the creation of a cross-disciplinary, multi-tiered partnership network. These partners wield considerable influence in critical areas, including capital investment, hardware development, market intelligence, user transactions, media advocacy, strategic planning, security auditing, ecological software development, and community engagement. This strong collaborative network has enabled Statter to maintain its leading position in the rapidly evolving blockchain industry, fueling ongoing growth and expansion. Looking forward, the network is poised to attract an increasing number of partners, further energizing this vibrant ecosystem.

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