The political battle between Biden “recipients” and “victims”


Chris Stapleton, a popular country/western singer, has a hit song, “Nobody to Blame but Me.” For those at a national level, and local level, there is nobody to blame but those who have voted for our self- induced disasters.

Those who voted for some of our current misguided leadership are “recipients.” All of us who didn’t vote for them are victims.

Terry Moore

Terry Moore

Who would vote for this insanity? Those who voted for Biden/Harris knew exactly what their positions were/are and that they are supported almost a 100 percent by our two U.S. Senators Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow and Congressman Dan Kildee.

We beg Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil because we are no longer energy independent all due to the policies coming out of Washington beginning the day Biden took office. As the stickers we sometimes find on gas pumps (with Biden’s picture on it pointing at the high price of gas) states, “I did that.”

If you go to the grocery store you may well find that inflation — the highest it has been in the past few decades — has outstripped your last pay raise. It is even worse if you are on a fixed income. Just know you are a “recipient” if you voted for Biden/Harris.

Most of us look on in disbelief at cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Baltimore and others where crime and homelessness are everywhere. We find it amazing people continue to vote for candidates who are a major part of the problem and not the solution. This year Chicago voters had an opportunity to reverse the disastrous results of Lori Lightfoot’s incompetency. Instead, they voted for another left-wing mayor. One of his first announcements was to excuse a large group of teenagers who ran wild and destroyed property in downtown Chicago. Over his first Memorial Day weekend 57 people were shot and 11 killed in this once great city. It is worthwhile to note that was almost the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded during the same period in the Ukraine/Russian war. Over the recent Father’s Day weekend 75 people were shot. Chicago citizens who voted for this leadership are “recipients.”

In San Francisco all 9 of the city council members are Democrats. The city has seen a large exodus of people (7.5 percent in just two years) and businesses closing their doors. Some pictures make it look like a third-world country. Once a center for tourism and conventions, people now avoid the place. The city is bracing for an epic real-estate crash. There is no indication this downward slide will be reversed any time soon. Those who keep the current city council members in place are “recipients.”

Millions of illegal immigrants continue to pour across our boarders. They are further eroding our countries strength and draining taxpayer funded resources that could/should be better spent on our veterans and poor. Biden added further insult by going to Arizona on Aug. 8 declaring the Grand Canyon the Ninth Wonder of the World, but never mentions the boarder nor travels anywhere near it.

On that same day 2,000 illegal immigrants crossed the Arizona border. If you voted for Biden/Harris you are a “recipient’ of what you knew they would do. The rest of us are victims. One commentator noted that there have been more illegal immigrants cross into our country during Biden’s presidency than the population of 24 or our 50 states.

There was a suggested sign that made the rounds on the internet recently for “recipients” of this insanity.

It read: “Attention Biden voters. Please put your sign back up so the illegals know where to stop for food and shelter.”

The bottom-line question is: Will people continue to vote for this insanity at the national level as they have in so many Democrats run cities?

If they do the results will be the same and our beloved country’s downward spiral will continue.

Terry Moore writes a political column for the Daily News. He is the former president of MidMichigan Health and author of Lessons in Leadership and Career Survival, 3rd Edition. Contact him at [email protected].

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