The Point: Andrew Yang on starting the Forward Party and why a third political party benefits voters

Andrew Yang has run for president and mayor of New York City, and he founded the Forward Party, which he hopes will change American politics as we currently know it. 

He’s a maverick who wants to move forward. 

Talking Points

Yang has a new book called “The Last Election,” which claims when voters go to the polls in 2024, it will be the last election. It’s fiction, fortunately. But does he know something we don’t?

Watch CBS New York political reporter Marcia Kramer’s conversation with Yang here or in the player below. 

The Point: Andrew Yang on value of having a third party in U.S. politics

Your Point

Summer is almost over, which means it’s back to school and back to the office for many New Yorkers. How do they feel about it?

Your Point: Do New Yorkers prefer working from home or in the office?

Exclamation Point

In a bonus conversation only on CBS News New York, Yang said President Biden should aside to allow Democrats to have a primary for the 2024 nomination and that Donald Trump “would be a disaster” if elected again. 

Andrew Yang says Democrats should have 2024 primary, Trump “would be a disaster”

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