The next public link king, ZOS, is something to look forward to


In the blockchain industry, the public blockchain is the underlying system where anyone in the world can access and read data, send information, confirm transactions, and compete for accounting at any time. The ultimate manifestation of the value of the blockchain itself is still large in the application of business scenarios and the realization of product benefits. The public blockchain is the foundation and guarantee for humans to use blockchain technology to serve production and life and promote sustainable development. It is like the operating system of a mobile phone. The perfection of the system infrastructure directly determines the scale of applications and the level of users it can carry in the future, performance potential and ecological richness. In a racetrack centered on the underlying public chain, the key to competition lies in safety, performance, scalability, and aggregate applicability.

Potential emerging public blockchain teams are often faced with the problem of lack of funds at the beginning of their establishment. If they want to stand out in the public blockchain wars, they can get twice the result with half the effort with the help of capital. Capital entering the public chain market has long been a very common thing. ZOS R&D team in the Silicon Valley of the United States began developing the Zeus Chain – Zeus Operating System (abbreviated as ZOS) in June 2018 and the project had received an angel round investment from many institutions, and it received a strategic investment of $10 million in the year of 2019. ZOS is the world’s first application-grade public blockchain operating system, dedicated to building a super meta-universe ecology.

As well as the use of sustainable upgrading technologies and mechanisms to continuously improve the long-term value and ecological scale of the public blockchain, more comprehensive conditions are needed. First is the founding team, which must have advanced technology, long-term vision, and idealism. This allows the team not to stop building because of the gain and slip in the market. In addition, community strength and continued popularity are also powerful engines for the public blockchain ecology, which requires the support of token holders and developers. Only a true ecology can make the public blockchain more valuable and safer, thus moving towards a positive cycle.

 ZOS team created the first spiral structure base layer technology system. Based on this system, it independently researches and develops Z-AI smart self-built infinite parachain expansion system to expand the huge Dapp ecosystem in the future. The ZOS multi-dimensional software and hardware integration architecture forms a point-to-point IPv6 system covering the world. Numerous terminals (worker bees) form a node group to continuously contribute storage capacity, and form a DAG(directed acyclic graph)structure to help the establishment of advanced node systems. Block is only produced in 2 seconds, effectively solving the problem of transaction network congestion at the transmission layer, and greatly improving the TPS level on the premise of ensuring security. ZOS establishes a global community autonomy incentive system, according to the code contribution rate.

For forward-looking capital, the entry points for the layout of the blockchain are different. However, several sectors similar to the traditional Internet, such as traffic, products, and platforms, can often be easily entered by focusing on these and achieving obvious results. Regardless of the positioning, the key to choosing the entry point is innovation and core competitiveness. As an emerging public chain with capital strength and innovative advantages, ZOS has shaped the gene map to build a meta-universe operating system, and its development potential is worth looking forward to. As for how the future public chain battlefield trend will develop, and how capital will be directed in it, let us continue to pay attention, wait and see.

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