The multi-chain inscriptions aggregation protocol, 20Exchange, has announced a snapshot airdrop for Ordi and SATS holders


Binance official announcement today revealed that the BRC-20 project Sats (1000SATS) will be listed on the Binance platform at 20:00 on December 12, 2023 (UTC+8), with a seed label added further to promote the development of the BRC-20 inscription track.

Subsequently, 20Exchange officially announced the upcoming asset snapshot for high-quality community inscriptions such as Ordi and SATS. Simultaneously, the platform will initiate the first round of token distribution through a points-based airdrop on December 13, 2023, targeting users holding Ordi, SATS, and those engaging in Ordi and SATS transactions.

It is worth noting that 20Exchange is a comprehensive cross-chain trading protocol that seamlessly aggregates liquidity from various blockchain networks. It has constructed a large-scale cross-chain trading aggregator that spans different networks, platforms, and assets. The supported asset types include ERC-20 assets, non-EVM public chain assets, and innovative assets like inscriptions, unlocking a new paradigm for cross-chain inscription liquidity. This represents a significant innovation in the realm of decentralized exchanges (DEX) for inscriptions.

The multi-chain inscriptions aggregation protocol, 20Exchange, has announced a snapshot airdrop for Ordi and SATS holders

In addition, 20Exchange boasts optimal competitive pricing, providing users with the most competitive trading strategies to ensure the maximization of their trading profits. Utilizing multiple dimensions such as on-chain contracts, frontend code, and multi-signature protection, the platform safeguards users’ digital assets, offering a more secure trading environment.

20Exchange can be regarded as a tool combining the functions of a cross-chain bridge and aggregator, similar to 1inch, supporting the cross-chain circulation of new assets such as inscriptions and the Lightning Network.

Its vision is to facilitate users’ convenient entry into the entire asset ecosystem, achieving the aggregation and interaction of assets across multiple chains and types. It aims to break down the bidirectional seamless transmission barriers of on-chain assets and information, constructing a borderless, barrier-free digital financial ecosystem. 20Exchange aspires to become the central hub connecting various digital assets and protocols, thereby driving further development within the cryptocurrency industry.

This ambitious vision finds confidence in the fact that the 20Exchange team has brought together pioneers from major public chains and protocol ecosystems, including Bitcoin OG, Ethereum, Ordinals cryptographic protocol, and early developers from the Lightning Network. With robust technical expertise backing it, 20Exchange has crafted this innovative cross-chain aggregation trading protocol.

Tomorrow, 20Exchange will officially launch the first round of its token airdrop activity on its official website. Users holding Ordi and SATS can earn corresponding token rewards by completing specified tasks provided by the official platform. The activity comprises daily and one-time tasks, with the former being repeatable and the latter limited to one completion. Additionally, successfully inviting friends to participate will result in extra points.

Participation Guide:

Step 1: Click on the 20Exchange official website to access the event page:;

Step 2: Connect your wallet;

Step 3: Complete official release tasks;

Step 4: Click to verify; successful verification will earn corresponding points;

Step 5: After the event concludes, await the official airdrop.

This activity represents substantial support from 20Exchange for holders of quality inscriptions such as Ordi, and SATS. It aims to give them more opportunities to engage and integrate into the 20Exchange ecosystem. In the future, 20Exchange plans to establish a community for inscriptions, offering a communication platform for all participants in inscription tracks to further promote community interaction and development.

Reflecting on the emergence of BRC-20, we witness the rise of a new era in BTC. This marks an epoch dominated by Bitcoin in asset issuance, promising a bright future for BRC-20 inscriptions and BTCFi. Embedding these assets into existing blockchain networks is not just an opportunity for 20Exchange but a chance for every participant.

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