The metaverse is the future direction of development, and the multi-dimensional chain is building a high-speed channel to the metaverse


On April 20, American media ABC interviewed Jessica, CEO of Multi-Dimensional Labs, Jessica said, “With the progressive development of the Internet, the next blue ocean of the digital information technology revolution is calling out. The metaverse is the future direction of development, and the multi-dimensional chain is building a high-speed channel to the metaverse.”

Some people say that metaverse is the future development goal of the Internet and another revolution of human information technology, while others say that the concept of metaverse is just a scam of the Internet. However, we clearly see that starting from 2021, Tencent, Facebook, Microsoft and other well-known global Internet companies have started to lay out a new field in full force, namely the metaverse. In their view, the metaverse is the successor of the mobile Internet, and the door between the virtual world and the real world has been opened.

British “the Economist” website also published an article entitled “What’s next? 22 emerging technologies to watch in 2022”, in which metaverse, Virtual Internet celebrity and quantum computing were shortlisted. The Economist noted that in 2022, the metaverse aims to create new immersive experiences.

Bill Gates also said in his 2021 year-end review that in 2021 we preview a more digital future. Digital will continue to exist, but the technology humans use will continue to get better as time goes on. In the next two or three years, I predict that most virtual meetings will move from two-dimensional images to the Metaverse, a 3D space with “avatars,” Gates said.

What Multi-Dimensional Chain will do is to build an efficient and secure high-speed channel for the coming Metaverse, so that more enterprises and users can enter the Metaverse more easily.

According to Jessica, we are creating a platform that will help bring blockchain technology into the mainstream market. The first generation of blockchain had some big problems: it was difficult to run at scale, the cost was too unpredictable, and it was difficult to build and land applications. What we are building is a network that removes barriers to mainstream adoption.

DimensionChain can remain efficient even as it scales in the future and will always be decentralized and public. Developers can more easily develop blockchain applications and end users are more receptive. Developers can use the tools, languages and workflows they are familiar with to build applications that run on computers and blockchains.

Because we support any language that compiles to Web Assembly (WASM), such as RUST. in addition, unlike other platforms, it is very easy to acquire applications and upgrade smart contracts on our platform. We are making the cost of running a Dapp predictable so that app developers don’t have to pay more just because the network grows and becomes more popular.

DimensionChain solves the blockchain SHD completeness and balanced value challenges and aims to create a mature, balanced, and efficient world of value delivery by building a transformative metaverse base public chain for all applications that require high security, fast execution, and predictable economics.

DimensionChain’s proposed secure and active Dimension protocol creatively provides a “summit” architecture for finality, including protocol “hierarchies”. To efficiently achieve activity, the design uses a pseudo-random leader sequence with a dynamic round system. In the Dimension protocol, the ideal “round” is a time interval during which a pseudo randomly selected leader proposes a block for which the verifier sends a two-level confirmation message. However, the duration of the rounds is not fixed, so that it works properly even if not all nodes use the same duration. This way the network can adjust itself so that it always runs at the fastest speed.

By building a high-performance and secure public chain network that links the real world and the virtual world, DimensionChain will build a convenient high-speed gateway to the metaverse, allowing more people to access the metaverse world moreasily.

The metaverse is the future direction of development, and the multi-dimensional chain is building a high-speed channel to the metaverse

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