The MetaCollabWin treasure Map series airdrop event is now live, will it be the next popular event?


MetaCollabWin is a game project that combines elements of the metaverse with the concept of Real-World Assets (RWA). Supported jointly by El Salvador and, MetaCollabWin serves as a foundational product within the El Salvador Bitcoin City ecosystem. Players actively participate in the construction of El Salvador Bitcoin City during gameplay, earning not only NFTs and tokens but also the opportunity to acquire real-world assets such as Salvadoran land and digital government bonds. By integrating the El Salvador Bitcoin City initiative, MetaCollabWin bridges the gap between virtual and real-world assets, potentially ushering in a new era of metaverse gaming experiences.

The MetaCollabWin treasure Map series airdrop event is now live, will it be the next popular event?

Recently, the project’s official social media announced the Treasure Map airdrop event plan: the first phase of the Treasure Map series of activities will start on 10th, July  2024 (UTC time), and all users can participate for free. Users who participate in the event will not only receive token airdrops, but will also receive unique treasure map NFTs. The NFT will be a key credential to participate in the next phase of the event.

Event time: July 10, 2024 to July 25, 2024

Event link:

Company name:MetaSphere Technolgy Co.Limited

Contact Person: Everet

Email for documents:dc(at)

Company address:UNIT 1603, 16TH FLOOR, THE L. PLAZA367-375 QUEEN’S ROAD CENTRAL,SHEUNG WAN, Hong Kong


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