The market scale exceeds 500 million, NTbuy ranks the first echelon of e-commerce brands in South America


The accelerated development of e-commerce marketing globalization provides opportunities for the development of click farm. According to the news on November 30, 2021, NTbuy and BestBuy jointly released the white paper on the growth trend of e-commerce marketing brands.

According to the white paper, the development scale of e-commerce marketing market in South America exceeded 500 million, an increase of 39.1% compared with the same period last year. The click farm platform dominated by NTbuy has become the object of major brands, with an online click farm growth rate of 28.6%, becoming the most frequently used money making platform for Brazilians.

Next, NTbuy will continue to expand its scale and make continuous efforts. Recently, NTbuy announced that it will launch new e-commerce marketing centers in various places, optimize and add dozens of categories of brush products, and introduce various advanced marketing technologies. At present, NTbuy has 15 network centers around the world, which is expected to increase to 25 by the end of 2021.

The development and rise of NTbuy in South America is accidental and inevitable. In the future, NTbuy will seize the opportunity with a stronger attitude, boost the Brazilian e-commerce market into the first echelon and build an efficient economic engine.

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