The global encrypted social software MetaChat invested by the DFC Foundation is officially launched


Invested by the DFC Foundation, a global encrypted social software called MetaChat has been officially launched recently. MetaChat uses blockchain decentralized encryption technology to encrypt user information and chat content. The system not only has an after-reading, screenshot notification, and innovative community management mechanism; it also has a long-term plan in the field of digital payment and NFT ecological construction.

metachat, a socalfi project based on web3.0

Metachat is a Web3.0 project that integrates functions such as wallet, digital identity, private social networking, NFT creation platform, etc., based on the blockchain as a carrier. It realizes user control of data and guarantees data security. Users communicate through metachat, and information and data will not be stolen by the platform or other users, fundamentally preventing the risk of user data and privacy leakage. At the same time, users can transfer digital assets through metachat.

Although the definition of Web3.0 is not exactly the same, it is usually compared with Web2. In Web2, a centralized platform controls user data and content, and there is a risk of data leakage. In addition, data between platforms cannot be interconnected, and users may also be subject to centralized censorship and bans.

Web3.0 is the solution to these problems. The core concept of Web3.0 is to return the ownership of data to users, allowing users to control their own data, and to achieve data interoperability under the premise of ensuring security. At the same time, users do not need to worry about centralized censorship.

Metachat’s value proposition

  1. Digital identity:In the entire Web3.0 architecture, Decentralized Identity (DID) is a crucial part. DID is consistent with the core concept of Web3.0, allowing users to own and control their own digital identity. DID contains the user’s identity information and privacy data, which can only be used with the user’s authorization, and has the characteristics of security, verifiability, and interoperability. The DID system realizes identity discovery, identification and verification in a decentralized manner, and does not rely on the audit and permission of a centralized identity system.

Metachat uses the “chat while earning” model, allowing users to realize social mining benefits while enjoying social communication, such as sign-in, interaction, and check-in to obtain rewards.

3.Return data ownership to the user

Metachat uses blockchain decentralization technology to ensure user privacy and data security. User information is controlled by itself, and information ownership is returned to users.

4.The ecology of NFT digital artists

metachat will create an ecology of NFT artworks and collections series. Users can realize the creation, purchase, and collection of NFT digital collections on the platform, and strive to create digital art ecological services. Such as NFT avatar series, NFT ID exclusive creation, etc.

Metachat will also implement a digital asset multi-chain ecology. Users can store and send digital assets on the platform (using digital currency to issue red envelopes, rewards and other functions), including digital asset recharge, transfer, etc.

Token usage and distribution mechanism

MetaCoin is the governance token of the Metachat ecosystem, and has the following uses:

  1. Users can participate in social mining through Metachat. MetaCoin is a social to Earn model token with proof of equity (POS);

2) After the platform obtains a specific user group and traffic, advertisers can purchase and destroy MetaCoin to achieve broadcast messages and advertising promotion;

3) Apply for public chain token circulation opportunities. The platform will obtain investment quotas for high-quality projects based on its own traffic and user advantages, and allocate it to MONA holders in proportion to MONA holdings.

4) MONA can be used as a red envelope reward mechanism for users.

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