The Founder of E4C: Final Salvation – The “Godfather” of Esports in Asia


Building the Ambrus Studio

The Founder of E4C: Final Salvation – The “Godfather” of Esports in Asia

Being the creative hub behind the game rising in popularity, E4C: Final Salvation, Ambrus Studio is unlike any other team in the Web3 space. With an aim to create the “Game of the Future” for not only crypto enthusiasts but also real gamers. In addition to creating a high-quality game, Ambrus Studio understands its responsibilities in face of the pressing climate change challenges we face everyday.

This all would not have happened without the visionary mastermind who concreted these innovative ideas; by placing them onto a blueprint for the elite team he had put together from scratch to work on.

He is none other than Johnson Yeh, also known as the “Godfather of Esports in Asia”.

About Johnson Yeh

His resume is full of big names. University of Chicago undergrad, youngest visiting scholar at the time in Harvard Law School at the age of 21, Fidelity Investments as a macroeconomic analyst, summer associate in Goldman Sach; MBA graduate from Fuqua School of Business, Duke University; McKinsey and Company foro 8 years; did his full-time PhD in Guanghua School of Management, Peking University while working in McKinsey. That’s a lot of success early in his career on his resume.

But his passion for climate change took him to the next chapter in his career. He went to the World Economic Forum as the Head of Circular Economy Initiative. Johnson is now an international convener and opinion leader in the climate change topic.

Interesting transitions doesn’t stop there. Johnson has always been a huge gamer as he grew up, and was a competitive gamer in famous titles such as Starcraft, Age of Empires and Magic the Gathering. When Riot serendipitously found him, is was a match made in heaven.

Starting in 2015 as the head of esports for Riot Games in China, he created the vision to make LOL Esports the largest sport in China. And he and his team did it. With a series of witty moves, LOL Esports quickly rose to become China’s largest sport, exceeding even NBA and the local basketball and soccer leagues as China’s most watched sport, with more than 5B hours of competitive content aired every year.

With that success, he rose quickly through the ranks in Riot. He became the MD of Riot Games (China, Japan, and Southeast Asia). In that capacity, Johnson not only oversaw the success of LoL in Mainland China but has also incubated multiple other high profile games such as League of Legends Mobile, LoL Team Fight Tactics Mobile, LPL Esports Managers, etc. He also became the founding member of the LOL product executive committee.

However, he always knew that there was so much more that needs to be done for the gaming industry.

The Vision Behind Building a Game with an Esports Ecosystem

“I am very proud to see where Esports games, like League of Legends, are in the market these days and very happy that it exceeds beyond just a well-known game to a globally well-loved franchise,” said Johnson Yeh. “However, seeing the opportunities within the Web3 space and the borderless applications of blockchain technologies, I knew it’s time for the gaming industry to move to the next phase.”

Having spent years of his spare time exploring what’s being offered in the crypto space, particularly in the gamefi category, Johnson noticed the lack of high-quality, playable games on blockchain. Just as he always believed that everyone should have access to join and play Esports games, he wants to create a triple-A gaming experience on-chain; where Web3 users can enjoy great games without sacrificing on quality, whilst giving Web2 gamers a way to smoothly transit into the metaverse, and enjoy all the benefits such as real ownership of your asset, resellability and strong emotional attachment to your in-game assets through NFT, the benefits of co-creation, contributing to the game design through DAO, etc…

The Importance of Climate Change Awareness

Now, many people would think building a triple-A quality game on the blockchain is challenging enough, yet Johnson has a further vision for E4C: Final Salvation being beyond just a game:

“Knowing the world is suffering from drastic climate change challenges and that the lives of our future generations are at stake. I believe the responsibility to fight against global warming should be taken into serious consideration and taken up by everyone.”

“It’s why we have come up with the worldview of this dystopian world ‘E4C’ (Earth 4 Degrees Celsius Warmer) set in the year 2100 where our children and grandchildren will be living in; You know that we are on track to increase by 4 degrees Celsius versus pre-industrial times by 2100? I hope that players will be able to see and experience what the world will become as consequences of our actions today. It can help players try to understand the importance of climate change awareness and action today – by trying hard to survive in that world.” We will have missions that’s tied to saving our real world so that we can use a gamified system to encourage the right behavior. Furthermore, we has decided to donate a proportion of the profits from the project to climate preservation causes, in order to help further drive action.

The Marathon of Game Development

Rome wasn’t built in a day – Johnson, of all people, understands what it takes to build not just a good game but an influential one. With a realistic expectation of the product timeline and product delivery date, Johnson and the team are set to devote years of hard work in building a game with the goal to set new standards in gaming in Web3.

“I believe in my team and our collective experience in the gaming and Web3 industries that we will be able to deliver what we aim to achieve with time. I am personally prepared for continuing the long marathon ahead, and I am grateful for all the people who are continuously joining and supporting our run towards our vision.”

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About E4C: Final Salvation

With a mission to bring Esports onto the main stage of Web3, E4C (Earth 4 Degree Celsius Warmer) seizes the opportunity to tackle real-world climate change challenges with an immersive in-game experience on the metaverse.

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