The DMOC medical storage public chain injects new strength into the medical cause


It is well known that the medical security closely related to human health is an industry that guarantees the health and medical safety of all mankind. However, medical data security, drug safety, patient privacy protection, excessive medical treatment and so on have also become the core problems of the medical industry, and how to solve these problems has become a top priority.

In recent years, blockchain technology, as a new generation of technology industry revolution, has changed the world into the public eye, and its application scenarios have been spread all over all walks of life. At present, blockchain technology has been gradually applied in the medical field. It is reported that blockchain is widely used in the medical field, with medical data representing 62.8%, medical insurance representing 9.3%, and genetic data representing 16.3%. The World Health Organization has also published a paper saying that blockchain technology will reverse the pharmaceutical industry, break down the traditional barriers, and contribute to combating counterfeit drugs and optimizing the drug supply chain.

DMOC (Diamond Common Chain) Based on the new block chain technology of the global medical chain, DMOC uses decentralized mechanisms, trust mechanisms, tamper-proof technology, consensus, and information transparency, and integrates global health data in the chain, creating a face for all medical, sustainable and equitable economic and ecological values.

The DMOC medical storage public chain injects new strength into the medical cause

DMOC focuses on blockchain + health care and can easily improve pain points that traditional healthcare is difficult to address. First, Breaking Data Island DMOC uses blockchain decentralized storage to ensure that medical data is interoperable across the network, with all data traceable. The authenticity of medical data is critical for subsequent big data analysis, and even diagnosis and treatment. DMOC combines blockchain and smart contract technology to store data on the blockchain structure to make everything transparent. Through interface docking with the organization, real-time call and efficient sharing of data can be realized, completely solving the current medical and health industry data cannot be fully shared. Secondly, encryption protection privacy DMOC uses asymmetric encryption algorithm to encrypt the user’s personally identifiable information to protect data privacy. The Hippocrates protocol developed by DMOC also allows B end users to obtain real information from the user during data transmission. In this protocol, users can set the viewing rights for their personal data. Each hash value should verify the contents of the file, allowing the user to check whether and when the information is changed. This enables the user to use reasonable data while fully protecting the user’s own privacy.Finally, provide support for precision medical care

DMOC is committed to and actively involved in contributing to promoting the development of health care and improving public health.

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