The Cabeau Neck Pillow Is a Must-have


Well, it happened. I’m officially at the age when every long-haul flight leaves me with a massive neck ache. And, after years of insisting that neck pillows aren’t worth the hassle of carrying around the airport, I’ve finally hopped on the bandwagon and now won’t travel without my Cabeau Evolution Earth Neck Pillow. 

With its ergonomic design, the travel pillow is the only one I’ve tried that simultaneously (and instantly) supports and comforts my neck when I’m sitting upright on planes for five-plus hours flying back and forth from Los Angeles to New York. It features a highly cushioned memory foam core that contours to your neck, as well as strategically raised sides to promote the proper stabilization of your head, neck, and shoulders. As a nervous flier, I never used to get much sleep on airplanes, but incorporating the neck pillow into my in-flight routine has helped me finally catch some Zs. 


I’m also a fan of its flattened back design, which aids in stabilizing and supporting your neck while helping you lean against the headrest of your seat in a comfortable way. And, since I’m someone that always runs hot on planes, the Evolution Earth pillow’s open-neck front ensures that there’s consistent airflow, and I never get too sweaty or overheated while I’m waiting for the air-conditioning to kick in. 

But, being the first neck pillow to win me over isn’t the only notable accomplishment of the Cabeau Evolution Earth Neck Pillow; it’s also the brand’s first sustainable model. The neck pillow’s plush fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, and its memory foam cushioning can be recycled. In fact, Cabeau partnered with the eco-friendly organization CleanHub and made the pledge to remove more than 25,000 kilograms of plastic from the ocean. 


My only qualm with the Cabeau Evolution Earth Neck Pillow is its chin strap. Though it’s great at preventing the dreaded bobblehead movement that every flier despises, I find that it’s a bit too restrictive, especially if I’ll be wearing the neck pillow for a long amount of time. But, I’m happy to report that the pillow is still comfy and stays in place without the hook-and-loop chin strap fastened — so much so that I find myself wearing the Evolution Earth pillow when I’m working at my desk or watching T.V. on the couch for pain relief. And, I’m sure it will come in clutch for future road trips. 

Staying on theme with its earth-friendly design, the Cabeau Evolution Earth Neck Pillow is available in four terrestrial colorways: terra (navy-teal), water (royal blue-light blue), fire (red-orange), and wind (black-gray). I have the fire version, which adds a fun pop of color to my all-black carry-on and travel tote. 

If you’re tired of mid-flight neck aches and pain, take this as your sign to get the Cabeau Evolution Earth Neck Pillow, and keep scrolling to find other game-changing products that will help upgrade your in-flight comfort. 

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