“The Big LePlowski,” “Scoop Dog” among winners in South Lake Tahoe’s 1st ever snowplow naming contest


SOUTH LAKE TAHOE – It’s the time of year when the Sierra Nevada city of South Lake Tahoe transforms into a winter wonderland.

Throughout the winter season, snowplows work to clear roads and keep the city open.

To foster a greater sense of community, the city decided to hold its first Name a Snowplow Contest this year.

Residents got to vote on a list of 36 names. The names were all fun plays on snow-related activities and pop culture references – like “Clark Bizzwald,” “Luke Snowwalker,” “Ebenezer Scoop,” and “Snow Force One.”

A total of over 1,100 votes were cast, the city says, with “The Big LePlowski” getting the most votes of all.

The top 10 winning names were as follows:

1. The Big LePlowski
2. Plowy McPlowface
3. Scoop Dog
4. Snowbi Wan Kenobi
5. Darth Blader
6. Sled Zeppelin
7. Clearopathra
8. Sleetwood Mac
9. Austin Plowers
10. Snowbacca

 “Snow Force One,” along with “Hans Snow-Low” and “Taylor Drift,” rounded out the bottom of the list with the least votes.

The winning names will now be printed on decals and placed on the city’s snowplows.

Next year, the city says they’ll include possible names created by South Lake Tahoe kids. 

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