The anthropologist, Kou Beichen, lighting up the world through "Hé"


The anthropologist, Kou Beichen, lighting up the world through "Hé"

“Hé” is like sunshine, which is indispensable for the growth of all things; it is like water, which is essential for the growth of all things. Professor Kou Beichen believes “Hé” is nourishment for the soul. “Hé” is a theme inseparable from human survival and development. No matter where you are in the world, no matter which country you live in, no matter what culture you belong to and what beliefs you may hold, whether you are old or young, a man or woman, as long as you are a human being, “Hé” is vital to our human condition.

Without “Hé”, mankind faces conflict and wars, whereby lives and property are lost. Since the beginning of human history, we have experienced over 10,000 wars, resulting in the death of 3.64 billion people, half of the world’s current population. Without “Hé”, nations become divided and unstable, disrupting the survival and development of its people; without “Hé”, organizations wither and die through inefficiency; without “Hé”, families will squabble, bicker and fight over trifling matters and eventually fall into decline; without “Hé”, individuals cannot form symbiotic bonds with their families, friends, co-workers, and even their nation. Therefore, “Hé” is the core element that binds human survival and development. It is the “Water and Sunshine” that nourishes every person, every family, every organization and every nation. “Hé” is the foundational lifeblood that is indispensable to the survival of our world.

Why did Prof. Kou Beichen spend decades studying and researching the essence of “Hé”?

Prof. Kou Beichen believes that “Hé” and “Discord” correlates directly to the ebbs and flows of human history. The fluctuations between “Hé” and “Discord” have produced favorable or unfavorable factors affecting human survival and development. Prof. Kou therefore, believes throughout the ages, “Discord” is the root cause of humanities’ hardship and anguish. To ensure the continual survival and development of our global population of 7.7 billion, consisting of billions of families, over a billion entities and organizations, in more than 200 nations, we must research, understand and learn to embrace “Hé”. Through decades of research, Prof. Kou redefined our understanding of “Hé”. “Hé” is the knowledge and mastery of how human beings can survive and develop better. It is the principle and foundation that is instrumental to the survival of the human race. Whereby, on the other hand, “DisHé” is the aspect that is disruptive to human survival and development. The health, fortune and wellbeing of a person, a family, an organization, a nation and even the entire human race are all borne of “Hé”. Once this principle is mastered, there shall be Hé and peace in the world.

Why did Mr. Kou Beichen spend decades writing about “Hé”?

Mr. Kou Beichen believes that writing about “Hé” leaves a permanent footprint of our collective memories for future generations. These collective memories can accompany a person, a family, an organization, a nation, and even the whole world as a warning, constantly evoking us to understand, cultivate and achieve “Hé” moreover, it can simultaneously remind us of the disruption and consequences of “Discord”. Through this constant mnemonic, loss and deprivation caused by “Discord” can be prevented, meanwhile the energy of forming “Hé” can be promoted and amplified. Beginning in 2024, a global “Hé” tour of culture and art, will be launched sending a beacon and lighting up the world through “Hé”!

What are the characteristics of Prof. Kou Beichen’s “Hé” calligraphy?

Firstly, by writing calligraphy on “Hé”, Prof. Kou Beichen wish to infuse humanity with his sentiments for human symbiosis by gifting all the prospect for world peace and development. Calligraphy is not just a form of writing. Prof. Kou Beichen, through his wisdom of “Hé”, wishes to convey not only the meaning of the words but to also to inspire and stimulate refinement and aesthetics. Prof. Kou realized the limitations of writing about “Hé”, therefore he embarked on this innovative expression through calligraphy. The premise of “Hé”, comprises of both “Yin and Yang”. The “Yang Hé” or male “Hé” focuses on the external elements of Heaven, Earth, and Man. It embodies the masculine characteristics of logic, splendour and magnificence fostering the connection with his organisations, his nation and the entire world. Meanwhile, “Yin Hé” or female “Hé” focuses on the “inner peace” of oneself and the family infused with feminine characteristics of tenderness, kindness and grace.  It represents the “Hé” with family and neighbours. The “Hé” of Yin and Yang has a profound meaning of the multi-faceted nature of all things. It is also an artistic expression of Hé and symbiosis.

Through calligraphy, Prof. Kou Beichen wish to express the purpose and meaning of “Hé”. Calligraphy can amplify the message of “Hé” to every person, every family, every organization, every nation, bringing them “Health, Happiness and Prosperity”. It shall become a symbol of realizing human unity, realizing world peace, national stability and security, a symbol for organizations in achieving success, a symbol for families achieving happiness, and a symbol for hope and prosperity for all. The word “Hé” becomes a priceless spiritual symbol for all of humanity!

Introduction to Mr. Kou Beichen

·Renown anthropologist and founder of the “Hé” – a management philosophy for a new era.

·Founder of the “Wǔ Xing  Management” and creator of the 《Chinese Consulting Model》.

·Founding chairman of the World “Hé” Institute.

·Visiting professor at the Genovasi University of Malaysia.

·A member of the Global MBA Think Tank (world’s top management Scientist and Educators).

·Reknown Calligrapher (domestically and internationally recognised).

·Well-known economist, Financial celebrity, Current Affairs and Economic commentator, and an expert on global and international issues. For many years, he has made outstanding contributions to Chinese cultural and benefits to mankind on world peace and development.

·Main works include 《Hé Ping tian xia》, 《Professional Ethics》, 《Wǔ Xing Management》, etc.

·Prof. Kou Beichen’s calligraphy masterpiece “Hé”.

·Kou Beichen has outstanding influence and out-reach both domestically and abroad. His academic achievements have been augmented by exchanged and cooperation with the United Nations University for Peace, UNESCO, as well as academic and cultural exchanges with the United States, Canada, Malaysia, North Korea, Japan, Belarus, Australia, Ghana, Benin and other African nations. Besides the Confucius Cultural Institute of China and Laozi Cultural Research Institute, he has also hosted academic and cultural talks and dialogues with various governments, schools, associations, and private enterprise groups in promoting the philosophy and culture of “Hé ”.

·In 2016, “China Consulting Model” was released globally.

·In 2017, Global Consulting Projects  《Hé Ping tian xia》 and《Chinese “Hé” Culture Nine-One Project》Global were initiated.

“Hé” Calligraphy Collection of Mr.Kou Beichen

“Hundred Hé” Master Piece  of Mr.Kou Beichen

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