T-PLAS 2023 | New Upgrade of Changhe Chemical Antioxidant Solutions for Southeast Asia


During T-PLAS 2023, 200 exhibitors from 20 countries around the world gathered at the exhibition themed “FURURE PROOFING THE REGION’S PLASTICS AND RUBBER SECTORS” to seek new growth in the plastic industry in the future. On the meeting, Changhe Chemical launched antioxidant solutions for the Southeast Asian market, providing customized products and services for improving product quality and efficiency in the PU and PVC industries.

With the increasing global demand for PU product quality in recent years, demands for environmental friendliness, no amine, UV resistance, and smoke resistance have flourished. From the current consumer’s constant pursuit of “small white shoes”, and even some sneaker collectors’ behavior of wrapping the shoe with cling film to prevent oxidation, it can be seen that end users are paying more attention to the anti-aging and yellowing resistance of products.

During the exhibition, Wu Yikai, Chief Engineer of Changhe Chemical, shared his practical experience in the oxidation resistance of PU products. He pointed out that in environments with severe industrial exhaust gases (including automotive exhaust and nitrogen oxides), adding the CHPHOS ™ HN and HS series products as additives can better prevent the yellowing of high polymer materials. The TPU/PU sponge-specific antioxidant launched by Changhe Chemical has achieved the effect of both anti-burning and anti-placement properties of the sponge through its unique formula, which has improved product durability for multiple TPU/Foam factories. In addition, in order to meet the diverse needs of customers, Changhe can provide customized services and package multiple products in one, provide suitable additives for customers’ specific needs, and reduce the cost of developing formulas for customers.

T-PLAS 2023 | New Upgrade of Changhe Chemical Antioxidant Solutions for Southeast Asia

Laura Lang is introducing phosphite esters to customers

With the continuous deepening of research and development, phosphite esters have undergone generations of upgrading and evolution, transitioning from a single environmentally friendly and no phenolic to a direction of low odor, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, and high transparency., the PVC, PU, ABS and other industries will rise to higher quality phosphite ester antioxidant agents in the future.

Laura Lang, business general manager of Changhe Chemical, stated during a conversation with customers that in order to meet the diverse needs of PVC stabilizer customers, we continuously improve process optimization to lower cost, in the meanwhile, we focus on product upgrades.  From the initial generation of CHPHOS ™ TPP, CHPHOS ™ DPDP  to the second-generation CHPHOS ™ 1500, CHPHOS ™ DPP, then to the third generation CHPHOS ™ 618, CHPHOS ™ 4500, and CHPHOS ™ 430, CHPHOS ™ 8608T and etc. Those upgrated products have better performance, purity, volatile and others all above standards. Changhe is willing to cooperate with PVC stabilizer customers and partners to provide phenol-free, ECO products together with better performances of yellowing resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high-temperature resistance, and odorless properties. Changhe will continue to develop more valuble products for the downstream high-end market.

Provide customers with more environmentally friendly products and solutions. The launch of a new antioxidant solution on the conference is an important step for Changhe to actively enter the Southeast Asian market. PU and PVC solutions, with antioxidant as the core and environmentally friendly, yellowing resistant, heat pressure resistant, hydrolysis resistant as the engine, provide Southeast Asian customers with higher quality and more efficient phosphite ester antioxidant products.

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