Supercomputing Metaverse(TMT)—Putting the Metaverse at Your Fingertips


Supercomputing Metaverse(TMT)—Putting the Metaverse at Your Fingertips

We used to think that the future of living a second life in a virtual world is far away, but the popularity of smart terminals, the rise of e-commerce, short video, games and other applications, coupled with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has accelerated social virtualization, and the isolation of the new crown epidemic Under the policy, online life has changed from a short-term exception to the norm, from a supplement to the real world into a parallel world with the real world. With the migration of human life, connecting online and offline, human real life began to migrate to the virtual world on a large scale, and human beings became a real and digital amphibian species. These set the stage for the coming of the Metaverse.

Metaverse, consisting of Meta and Verse, is called “meta” in the computer field, and verse is the abbreviation of universe. It is a collection of virtual time and space, consisting of a series of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and the Internet. It is also a new Internet application and social form that integrates a variety of new technologies. It provides an immersive experience based on extended reality technology, generates a mirror of the real world based on digital twin technology, and builds an economic system based on blockchain technology. The virtual world and the real world are closely integrated in economic systems, social systems, and identity systems, and allow each user to produce content and edit the world.

With the evolution of the data center to the computing power center, the network is an important part of the large computing power of the data center. Improving the network performance can significantly improve the energy efficiency ratio of the computing power of the data center. , it is necessary to rely on edge computing technology to ensure that users get a fast and smooth experience and solve problems such as high latency, network instability and low bandwidth. The edge computing technology must be inseparable from the supercomputing system.

TMT, also known as the Supercomputing Metaverse, is a future metaverse infrastructure platform built by the geek team and the Ethereum Foundation together with the BSC public chain as the bottom layer and using supercomputing network technology. It aims to build an open, transparent and open Metaverse basic platform, provide the computing power foundation of edge computing for future Metaverse projects, and create an open protocol that can be connected and implemented by any platform. In this way, a real meta-world that is openly and transparently benchmarked against real time will be established, the flow of real assets will be accelerated, and the development of the world economy will be promoted.

Combined with the current trend of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) application circulation, TMT solves the problem of credibility in the metaverse and establishes an identity and economic system in the supercomputing metaverse ecosystem. TMT is an authentication mechanism created by Supercomputing Metaverse using blockchain technology. The virtual currency based on the decentralized network makes the attribution, circulation, realization and authentication of virtual identity possible in the Metaverse, which can be used for settlement, transaction, As well as being circulated and used in the supercomputing metaverse ecosystem, the total issuance is 10 billion, of which 5% is airdropped for promotion, and 15% is sold publicly.

In addition, as the underlying infrastructure of the supercomputing network in the Metaverse, TMT’s own supercomputing performance can effectively stabilize the data stability and fairness in the Metaverse, and will be an indispensable infrastructure in the Metaverse. TMT will highlight and prove the high-quality performance of the supercomputing network through the game ecological sector and the fair ecological sector. At present, the development of the game ecological sector has been completed, and the first launch of the bounty hunter will be launched in Q2 2022 and will be handed over to users for experience. Users participate in bounty hunter games through TMT, and interactive games (mobile games) that increase users have strong social potential, which is unmatched by other game platforms. Users can interact and share with many relatives and friends, and can also create and experience 3D games here. After completing tasks, they can get rewards, which increases the liquidity of TMT.

With the launch of the Bounty Hunter game, the 5% TMT airdrop and the 15% TMT public sale will also be launched soon. The 15% TMT public sale will also be divided into two stages: the cornerstone round and the public offering. TMT, which plays an important role in the ecological construction of the Supercomputing Metaverse, has also attracted the favor of many investors.

With the continuous development of the TMT platform, it is planned to be officially launched on the BSC public chain in June 2022, and then it will take 3 months to improve the supercomputing system of the platform, waiting to lay a foundation for the coming of the future metaverse era. solid foundation. It is expected that in Q4 of 2022, the goal of TMT being launched on the mainstream trading platform will be realized, and the marketization and openness of TMT will be realized.

TMT, also known as the Supercomputing Metaverse, is committed to building a future metaverse infrastructure platform, integrating reality and virtuality, and transcending the reality universe. The future has come, this time, let us go to the future with TMT.

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