SRG Housing Finance Q4 Results Live : profit rise by 45.65% YOY


SRG Housing Finance Q4 Results Live : SRG Housing Finance announced their Q4 results on 23 May, 2024, showcasing a significant growth in their financial performance.

The company reported a 38.64% increase in revenue and a 45.65% rise in profit year-over-year.

Quarter-on-quarter comparison also revealed positive growth, with revenue growing by 13.89% and profit increasing by 14.46%.

However, the Selling, general & administrative expenses saw a noticeable increase, rising by 8.82% sequentially and 43.86% year-on-year.

Similarly, the operating income also showed a positive trend, with an 18.1% increase quarter-on-quarter and a 42.73% rise year-on-year.

The Earnings Per Share (EPS) for Q4 stood at 4.72, marking a 29.67% increase year-on-year.

In terms of market performance, SRG Housing Finance delivered a 2.84% return in the last week, 0.87% return in the last 6 months, and a 1.99% year-to-date return.

The company currently holds a market cap of 378.12 Cr, with a 52-week high/low of 336.75 and 230 respectively.

SRG Housing Finance Financials

Period Q4 Q3 Q-o-Q Growth Q4 Y-o-Y Growth
Total Revenue 36.15 31.74 +13.89% 26.07 +38.64%
Selling/ General/ Admin Expenses Total 7.64 7.02 +8.82% 5.31 +43.86%
Depreciation/ Amortization 1.71 1.58 +7.86% 0.97 +76.31%
Total Operating Expense 28.79 25.51 +12.86% 20.92 +37.63%
Operating Income 7.35 6.23 +18.1% 5.15 +42.73%
Net Income Before Taxes 7.61 6.7 +13.64% 5.37 +41.65%
Net Income 6.09 5.32 +14.46% 4.18 +45.65%
Diluted Normalized EPS 4.72 4.09 +15.33% 3.64 +29.67%


Question : What is the Q4 profit/Loss as per company?

Ans : ₹6.09Cr

Question : What is Q4 revenue?

Ans : ₹36.15Cr

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