South suburban political pioneer battling kidney disease searching for living donor – NBC Chicago


Putting herself out there is usually not part of Trinette Britt-Johnson’s personality, but a change in her life a few years ago made her embrace being vulnerable.

In 2020, she learned she had chronic kidney disease, and had a tumor removed along with one her kidneys.

The disease is now progressing at a rapid pace.

“I wanted to keep my illness private because I was embarrassed and afraid,” she told NBC Chicago. “I am in stage 5 renal failure at this moment with one kidney.”

Britt-Johnson is in need of a living donor.

The waiting time for kidney donation is five to seven years, and I don’t have that kind of of time. I can’t wait that long, I need help now.”

Helping Trinette on her journey to find a living donor is a group of friends calling themselves Team Trinette.

“She knows what she has and she doing what she can to slow progression of it,” said Monica Fox of the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. “She needs a transplant.”

To help Trinette, log onto Northwestern Hospitals registry at Make sure to put her name in the search.

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