Soul Walker, a well-known Korean online game IP, will release Soul Reborn, a metaverse game, on Polygon


The production team of Soul Walker, a Korean national online game, decided to release Soul Reborn, a metaverse element game on Polygon chain.

Soul Walker is an MMORPG massively multiplayer online role-playing battle game set at the end of the century. The story of the game took place 15 years ago, when the portal called Void opened and brought demons into the world. Fifteen years later, the children who had been lost in the void were sent back to their world. These children have supernatural powers and are called “soul walkers”.

“Soul Walker” has many characters that can be played, and they have their own unique weapons and skills. Role skills can be further improved by upgrading tasks. In addition, as players improve their level, they will gain more skills.

Since its launch, Soul Walker has released Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese versions, which are popular among gamers. It has millions of fans on Steam and mobile phones, and the game has been adapted into derivatives such as original online animation (ONA).

Soul Reborn, a new metaverse game, will continue the soul upgrade, card assistance and casual dressing mode featuring the original work, combine chain technology to create a new virtual world and create a new adventure story.

The beta version of the game is expected to be launched in the first quarter of next year.

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