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Sofia Richie’s beauty routine is inspired by her dad Lionel Richie.

The 24-year-old model has admitted she takes advice from her famous father when it comes to her daily regime.

Speaking to Refinery29, she said: “It’s been that way for my entire life.

“He’s like the first person that told me I should wear lotion every day, he was the first person to tell me the dermatologist I was going to, what skin products I was using.

“And still to this day, he gives me all his little hacks. He’s my queen.”

The ‘Hello’ hitmaker – who got married to Elliot Grainge in the South of France earlier this year – even helped her get prepare her skin before her wedding day.

She added: “The night before my wedding, he was like, ‘You’re going to go to bed, because nothing is going to cover up bags.’

“And I was like, ‘You’re right, queen, you’re right.’

“He’s my beauty hack — if I have any skin issues, medical issues, hair issues, nail issues, he’s my first call. He knows how to look great.”

And after the 74-year-old music legend was the first person to make her realise the importance of skincare when she was younger, she has tried to pass this onto her husband

She said: “You know what’s crazy, is my husband doesn’t put lotion all over his body. And when we first started dating, I was like, I don’t understand.

“Get out of the shower and air dry… and then move on with your life? I just can’t. You don’t have protective layers from everything?

“I remember as a kid, I would cry putting my lotion on because I didn’t like putting it on so much. And my dad would be like, no, you’re putting the lotion on all over.”

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