Smooth Labor Day Travel Reported at Tulsa International Airport


Lots of people are finishing up their last vacation of the summer.

Even though travel was up from last year, folks passing through Tulsa International Airport said the day went by without a hitch.

News On 6 talked to several travelers on Labor Day who said their flights went smoothly and they weren’t nearly as crowded as they thought they were going to be.

For many people flying in and out of Tulsa International Airport, it was a day of stress-free travel to mark the unofficial end of summer.

“Mine was on time, got here like perfect, luggage was there, it was on point,” said Eric Quintana.

Quintana flew into Tulsa from Houston this morning for a business trip. He said he got lucky with his flight because his other coworkers around the country had all sorts of trouble.

“It was phenomenal because I literally have so many colleagues who were delayed or canceled,” said Quintana.

According to Triple-A, domestic and international travel over Labor Day weekend is up four percent from last year. Folks at Tulsa International Airport said you couldn’t even tell.

“My plane from Chicago, literally probably everybody had their own section to themselves,” said Cameron Downing.

Downing flew home to Tulsa after going to a wedding in New York. He left Tulsa on Friday and said he got through check-in and security in no time at all.

“Went through, probably got through check out, I mean check-in and everything within about 20 minutes,” he said.

Downing said it was a similar experience in New York this morning, and he’s glad to be home with all his belongings.

“Got all my bags, everything that I left with, so nothing I can complain about,” said Downing.

Triple A recommends having travel insurance during trips in case your flight is delayed, canceled, or your luggage is lost.

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