Sino-Finnish Design Park – An Innovative Highland Where Shenzhen Design is Flourishing


As a City of Design recognized by UNESCO,in recent years, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Municipal People’s Government have attached great importance to the industrial design and innovative development of creative culture. Under the industry cluster effect, Sino-Finnish Design Park (SFDP) is such an international industry cluster with industrial design at its core. It is established in Shenzhen based on the creative design resources of Shenzhen and Helsinki, the two world “City of Design” after they became international sister cities. SFDP has now become a beautiful business card in Shenzhen’s construction of an innovation-led global city. It is the first Young Entrepreneur Center Taiwan Straits in China recognized by Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, P.R.C., and a highland of innovation with cluster development, playing a leading role in the industrial design industry of Shenzhen City.

Enhance the design strength of Shenzhen with a number of brand honors

Since 2021, SFDP has focused on new models and new ecosystem in global design innovation, and built a design-driven international innovation and entrepreneurial ecological chain, and has been successively awarded the Guangdong Industrial Design Base, “2021 China Industry Design Top 100 – 2021 Top 10 Design Parks”, Home Program(Help Our Motherland through Elite Intellectual Resources from Overseas)station, and Fashion Pioneer Award of 2021 GBA TFCW. At the same time, Shirley Feng, the founder of SFDP and President of Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA), was awarded “2021 China Industry Design Top 100 – 2021 Top 10 Design Pioneers”.

Promote high-quality and innovative development of the industry through year-round “design+” activities

Combining the needs of upstream and downstream audiences in the design industry, SFDP has launched more than 20 online and offline innovative and creative activities in 2021, reaching more than 100,000 audiences. For example, held “GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 online introduction meeting”; launched the column of “Change by Design”; conducted the “WAY! Come to Shenzhen” 2021 Taiwan Youth Internship in Shenzhen activity ; during 17th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, attracted more than 50 well-known institutions, creative cultural teams and exhibitors to jointly participate in the “Design Community: Cultural Confidence” Cultural Innovation Forum, FabLab Makers Workshop, “Design Re-inheritance” Creative Culture Exhibition and other creative cultural activities; during 7th Shenzhen International Maker Week, successfully organized online and offline activities, such as the “Cross-Strait Focus · Innovation and Change” Cross-Strait Young Maker Forum, “Dedicated to the 100th Anniversary of CPC, AI makes makers stronger” Technology Creation Camp, and “Cross-Strait Interaction · Innovation Regeneration” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition.

Multiple of design masterpieces exhibition to open a new chapter in mass entrepreneurship and innovation design

SFDP has established a platform for international design exhibition and exchange, gathering the latest design works from Shenzhen innovative design institutions, world famous design masters, and new design companies at home and abroad that have won iF, Red Dot, Xiong’an Goldreed Industrial Design Award and other international design awards in recent years. In 2021, with its International Exhibition Hall as the basis, SFDP has organized a number of design-driven innovation and creativity exhibitions.

Among them, the “Design Re-Inheritance” Creative Culture Exhibition gathers innovative design products related to red culture, folk culture and classical festivals, and exhibits creative cultural design works, such as the Centennial Office Cup for the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of CPC, and the BiXia China-Chic signing pen. The “Commercial hot style of good design Products” Exhibition shows Ulike sapphire freezing point laser hair removal Instrument, C.LI high-end fashion handbags, DONHA X RETROSPECTRUM BOB DYLAN harmonica necklace and other online popular original design works. “Cross-Strait Interaction · Innovation Regeneration” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition integrates the innovative works and products of entrepreneurial Taiwanese young people in Shenzhen, exhibiting Jchatea Tea Gift Box, MACARON fashion high-end jewelry and other Cross-Strait design products.

In the rapid development of Shenzhen design and innovation industry, SFDP as an innovative highland where Shenzhen design flourishes, continues to show more and better Shenzhen design and Chinese design to the world.

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