Signal Capital Ecological Theory – Node Economy, Ignite the Fire of Hope in the Digital World


Blockchain technology solves the problem of centralized control and management of financial assets. In decentralized finance, as an important carrier of blockchain-based digital assets, NFT and its wide range of industries involve diverse forms of presentation and rich applications. The scenario can “two-way empower” the physical industry and the blockchain industry. The new crown epidemic that is still spreading around the world has promoted the explosive development of digital finance around the world, and promoted the transformation of people’s work and lifestyle to remote virtualization. This makes concepts such as Metaverse (Metaverse), NFT (Non-Fungible Token), and GameFi (Game Finance) to become the most popular hot spots in 2021 throughout the Internet, digital entertainment blockchain and other industries!

Signal Capital Ecological Theory – Node Economy, Ignite the Fire of Hope in the Digital World

Signum Capital’s ecological theory is lighting the first fire for the digital world, and the “node economy” is the architectural blueprint for the vast future. The “node economy” is the underlying logic of the “Signum Capital” theory. Users in the digital world, as long as Meeting at least three of the conditions of stable emotional needs, stable hobby needs, stable ideological needs, stable interest needs, stable resource needs, stable honor needs, etc., can be transformed into a node, and provide various functions, products and services The central organization (including commercial institutions) become super nodes. The chain structure formed by ordinary nodes around super nodes becomes a “SCT World”, and the infinite “SCT World” can also form an “ecological universe” covering all human beings. Around the “SCT World” Based on the “World” theory, Signum Capital has established an efficient enabling system for the development of real enterprises – “”SCT World Economy” based on technologies such as 5G, big data, informatization, blockchain, etc., using the node economy as a model. In the “SCT World “economy”, the DEX application of smart contracts is brought to the extreme, so that the network behavior of each node can be recorded, traceable and measurable, thereby realizing digital identity confirmation, behavior consensus, asset confirmation and Credit sharing. The productivity contribution of nodes to the ecology is accurately recorded, and the sharing economy principle of distribution according to work is adopted to match the corresponding token asset rewards. More contributions are more rewarded, and rewards and contributions form a virtuous circle, thereby building a more beautiful, productive and The system of highly matched production relations and “more pay for more work” meets the material and spiritual needs of nodes.

 Signum Capital” is a blockchain aggregator jointly established by Enterprise Singapore, Singapore venture capital fund SignumCapital, PricewaterhouseCoopers and ICON, etc., to support blockchain startups and increase access to underprivileged students through the Signum Capital Foundation. Educational opportunities and attract new talent to the blockchain field. The foundation focuses on blockchain product development and aims to provide promising startups with a hyper-connected platform to connect with our global companies, government agencies and top blockchains A network of companies has worked together to develop innovative blockchain development solutions. Since its establishment, Signum Capital has been supported by the government and multiple corporate partners, including the Big Four accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers, South Korean blockchain network IconFoundation, Tesla Group and Intel, etc. Close partners include: HSBC, Infineon Technologies, SBI Ven Capital, BMW Group, Asia, ConsenSys, IBM, Intel, Nielsen, Pfizer, R3, etc.

Signum Capital’s main businesses include blockchain technology, data privacy, as well as supply chain, network security services and other fields.

SCT Fun Blind Box: Unlock Unknown Secrets “S i g n u m C a p i t al ” A certain percentage of tokens will be reserved for players’ game rewards. Players can obtain different amounts of SCT rewards by participating in various in-game behaviors. This design can encourage users to participate in the game, expand the community and keep the ecosystem attractive. Signum Capital’s magic shop will sell limited treasure chests, holding S C T can snap up treasure chests that are minted from time to time, each treasure chest may hide a different NFT yellow

Gold card, you need to match the key to open the treasure chest, and the key needs to be cast with SCT. The mysterious treasure chest will be released in five phases, and the first phase is limited to 1,000 treasure chests.

NFT game mining

Game mining is a method of enriching the gaming ecosystem by earning token rewards from playing games. Token holders can participate in creating new cards and earn tokens from the market as creators.

currency. For example, the Signum Capital platform will receive revenue from mystery boxes, card sales, asset sales, transaction fees, etc., and distribute rewards in a fixed percentage. NFTs will also have

Defi functions such as staking, repurchase and burn mechanisms. In the NFT game mining area, each user has 6 NFT gold card slots. Users can put NFT gold cards into the corresponding wealth management card slots, and NFT gold cards of the same level can be stacked for income. Each wealth management area opens 3 NFT positions for free, and you can unlock more positions by upgrading the card slot.

SCT, jointly initiated by a group of senior Ethereum enthusiasts, will jointly build a DeFi aggregation ecological development. In addition, SCT will play more roles in the future ecology, maintaining the overall ecology while stabilizing the fluctuation of digital currency value. balance. The future value of SCT is infinite!

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