SHOCKING reason Gigi Hadid parted ways from Leonardo DiCaprio

SHOCKING reason Gigi Hadid parted ways from Leonardo DiCaprio

Gigi Hadid called it quits with Leonardo DiCaprio after realizing he won’t quit clubbing or going to wild parties for her sake, revealed an insider.

The model, 28, who shares a daughter with her ex Zayn Malik, wanted to date someone whom she could introduce to her kid and the Titanic alum, 48, did not live up to her standards.

Speaking with Us Weekly, the source also revealed that even though the duo is not romantically involved anymore, they are “still in touch.”

“Leo and Gigi aren’t together anymore,” the source said, revealing that while DiCaprio, “really saw himself dating” Hadid, she could not continue romancing the Hollywood hunk.

The source said DiCaprio “travels a lot and likes to go out a lot and there’s temptation and all those factors had been concerns” of Hadid.

And even though they had a special connection, Hadid had to take the hard decision to part herself from DiCaprio because “she doesn’t want her boyfriend to be in and out going to clubs and events and working all the time.”

“She wants someone to be hands-on and a partner,” the insider revealed, adding Hadid “doesn’t want to date someone seriously unless she can introduce them to her child.”

The source also noted that Hadid and DiCaprio “eventually became closer in friendship rather than romantically.”