Shib Gene gets $2.2 million from Bitwage! Deep ecological development cooperation with the community!


Bitwage, a company focused on developing bitcoin payroll features, has established a friendly partnership with Shib Gene and is currently making its first strategic investment of $2.2 million in the Shib Gene America community.

Tasty Works, the online brokerage platform, will soon add support for Shib Gene.

Shib Gene has been in talks with online software retail giant New Egg for further collaboration.

Shib Gene is committed to building the world’s leading decentralized ecosystem. Our goal is to provide a safe place for cryptocurrency transactions while remaining de-Chinese and Westernized. We remain true to our users and that gives us a way to grow exponentially. Shib Gene will continue to expand the ecosystem and bring us more and more consensus players. Shib Gene’s unique token economics, proven design, and technology will continue to enhance the platform and ultimately provide continued value to the ecosystem.


Technical advantages

Shib Gene’s team has the same roots as Shib’s team. They both play a pivotal role in the blockchain industry and have their own unique insights into blockchain. This provides sufficient support for Shib Gene’s technological innovation, application implementation and even the updating and iteration of the whole ecology. Compared with other decentralized projects, the team of Shib Gene is more pure and has more consistent goals, which is also the core competitiveness of Shib Gene.

Ecological advantages

The construction of Shib Gene’s ecology is endless. At present, we already have businesses in such fields as information sharing, information settlement, multi-function wallet, smart contract and so on. The whole ecosystem is gradually being improved later. In the future, more business segments will be developed in Shib Gene, which will make Shib Gene become another giant in the field of cryptocurrency.

Consensus advantage

The blockchain industry also follows the law of attraction. When Shib Gene focuses on the exploration and development of blockchain, more excellent and like-minded people are attracted to Shib Gene and become a great power to move forward. By virtue of its own characteristics, Shib Gene has mastered the discourse power of the industry and gathered a broad consensus. This consensus group includes not only ordinary users, experienced blockchain practitioners, but also entrepreneurs and executives of public companies around the world who also see the potential of Shib Gene. This consensus will become a strong torque for Shib Gene to promote the progress of the industry and help Shib Gene create the next peak of value.

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