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Sheryl Lee Ralph believes artificial intelligence (AI) threatens creativity in filmmaking.

The 66-year-old actress has voiced her support for the Hollywood writers’ strike, observing that the potential impact of AI technology is “frightening”.

Speaking to Sky News, Sheryl explained: “If we can all be artificially generated, that’s frightening.

“We need something that’s far more important. We need the art of human beings. I want to know, would William Shakespeare stand for this? I think not.”

Sheryl is actually open to selling her digital likeness for use after her death. However, the veteran actress insisted that she would need to be compensated for it.

She said: “If I die and somebody wants to scan my body before I die, they can scan it for a price to make sure that generations after me are not left out of whatever money somebody else makes on my image.

“I don’t want somebody to take my image, repurpose it, put another face on it and I get nothing from it.

“Just be fair. Compensate me. What did Diana Ross say? ‘If you need me, pay me.'”

Meanwhile, in July, Jamie Lee Curtis claimed that the movie industry finds itself at a “crossroads” amid ongoing strike action.

The Hollywood strike centres on disputes over pay and fears over the potential impact of AI technology, and she admitted to having concerns about the future of the movie business.

The film star told Collider: “I have a movie out in a week, and I have a TV show on the air right now and I can’t talk about them.

“Now, these are communities of people that I’ve worked with. Hundreds and thousands of people coming together to make art for you to enjoy on television, and in movies. And we’re not talking about it because we are at a crossroads in our industry.”

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