Schroders:709088 blockchain fund project cancels capital verification requirements and lowers the threshold for high-net-worth individuals


On April 1, 2022, the Schroders Wealth Blockchain Fund project lowered the threshold for high-net-worth individuals and cancelled the capital verification requirements. This means that more investors can participate in this high-quality fund management project.

In 2015, Schroders Wealth, a subsidiary of the Schroders group (also known as “Baoyuan” in Hong Kong), with the help of a new financial tool insueIQ, formally established a blockchain fund codenamed schroders: 709088 after inspecting the blockchain project. project. The project is traded in the name of Cazenove Capital Management, aiming to tailor a high-yield digital currency wealth management fund for high-net-worth individuals around the world.

Founded in 1804, Schroders Group is an internationally renowned asset management group and one of the world’s largest listed asset management companies, with assets under management reaching US$259.5 billion globally. The project partner, Jiacheng International Management Co., Ltd., whose global headquarters is located in London, UK, is the most powerful and world-leading independent investment company in the UK.

A professional team of leaders of blockchain fund project owners. Headquarters representative Rory Bateman previously served as Goldman Sachs Asset Management’s Continental European Portfolio Manager. He joined Schroders in 2008 and was head of the UK and Europe team from 2014 to 2019.

InsueIQ New Financial Sector Project Leader Representative Andry Joelton joined Schroders in 2013 and served as Head of U.S. Multi-Sector and Fixed Income Solutions following the acquisition of STW Fixed Income Management, and was appointed Fixed Income Solutions in 2020 Global Head of Revenue.

Cazenove Capital Management Wealth Management Department Project Leader Representative Levan De Bruyne joined Schroders London in 2000 as Head of Investment Products for Asia, and since 2005 has managed SIM (Hong Kong) Limited, responsible for the Asian intermediary business.

Over the years, the Schroders Group has been actively managing to provide its clients with excellent investment performance, selecting companies with sustainable and enduring business models, thereby both achieving excellent investment performance and providing financial guidance support to enterprises.

Since the establishment of the blockchain fund project, Lloyd’s Bank Group, a British financial services group, has participated in the project cooperation in 2018, and is mainly responsible for the operation and fund management of the digital currency fund. By the end of 2020, the number of registered high-net-worth individuals in the blockchain fund project has reached 400,000, and the number of fund acceptances has reached 3.5 million.

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