Sailing Against the Tide in the Software World – YANG Feiyang’s Path to Intelligent Software Development


Reporter: YUE Chu

Software Engineer is a profession that involves working in the field of software development. The certification of this profession’s abilities is specifically designed for individuals involved in software development-related tasks. As a broad concept, software engineers comprise various positions such as software designers, software architects, software engineering managers, and programmers, all of whom are closely involved in software development production. Additionally, software engineers also need to have knowledge in other technical areas such as network engineering and software testing. By continuously deepening their professional skills and expanding their breadth of knowledge, software engineers play a crucial role in various stages of the software development lifecycle, ensuring successful implementation and high-quality delivery of software projects.

According to relevant data, in 2010 alone, China’s software exports reached 21.5 billion yuan, and the number of software professionals reached 720,000. Among the top ten popular IT professions in China, software engineers rank first. Software engineers mainly work in major software companies, public institutions, universities, research institutes, as well as important departments like national defense, engaging in software design, development, application, and research. Currently, the demand for software talents in China has exceeded 200,000 people and is growing at a rate of about 20% annually. Therefore, there is a significant gap between the supply and demand of software engineering talents, with high-quality software engineering professionals being extremely scarce. This phenomenon indicates that software engineers have vast employment opportunities and development prospects in the current market. China urgently needs to increase efforts to cultivate and attract high-quality software engineering talents to enhance the competitiveness of the software industry, promote technological innovation, and support the overall national informationization and digital development needs.

There are numerous factors contributing to this phenomenon, but we cannot deny that the monotony of daily work and technical barriers in the field of software engineering are among the main reasons for the shortage of talent. Many people feel discouraged by the difficulties at the software development stage and desire to encounter professionals who can make software development more intelligent. Similarly, we recognize that software engineers currently face a series of technical challenges and work burdens. However, we can see professionals like YANG Feiyang, a senior software engineer from Expedia Group, who are clearing obstacles, providing guidance, and support for software engineers.

Sailing Against the Tide in the Software World – YANG Feiyang’s Path to Intelligent Software Development

YANG Feiyang, as a senior software engineer, possesses extensive experience and wisdom in the field, and is dedicated to promoting the intelligentization of software development. His work aims to provide innovative solutions that make software development more efficient and intelligent. The presence of professionals like YANG Feiyang provides valuable guidance and support for software engineers, helping them overcome difficulties and challenges in their work. The existence of such professionals is of great significance to software engineers. Their presence provides a positive drive, sparks creativity and entrepreneurship within software development teams, accelerates the development of the software engineering field, and offers broader opportunities for software engineers’ growth.

YANG Feiyang is a master’s degree graduate from Washington University in St. Louis and a seasoned software development engineer with over 10 years of industry experience, accumulating a wealth of professional knowledge. It is his long-term engagement in the field that has provided him with a deep understanding of the skills required by software engineers and their urgent need for intelligent development platforms. Over the years, YANG Feiyang, with his extensive work experience and outstanding research abilities, has independently developed numerous pioneering original technological achievements, making significant contributions to the field of software development. It is worth mentioning that his research project in 2020, titled “Research on Software Quality Assurance and Testing Strategy Improvement and Automation Techniques,” was honored with a national-level prestigious award.

“Research on Software Quality Assurance and Testing Strategy Improvement and Automation Techniques” is an important topic that involves the software development process. It includes the development and connection of the cloud component configuration system and user terminal system, as well as the integration of application basic modules and platform basic modules to handle business logic, provide business processing functions, and unify the interfaces of various business modules, forming the pages and portals of the user terminal system. This research has practical significance and numerous benefits in the process of computer software deployment and implementation. Firstly, it can effectively address various issues in software implementation, such as reducing implementation costs and shortening software release cycles. By adopting a platform with a simple and clear system architecture and a convenient usage process, this research can improve the efficiency and quality of software implementation while reducing related costs. Secondly, the automation techniques of this research can enhance the quality and efficiency of software testing strategies. Automation testing techniques enable the rapid execution of a large number of test cases and help reduce the possibility of human errors through automated scripts, thereby improving the standards and accuracy of software quality assurance, which is crucial for ensuring the functionality, performance, and stability of software. Additionally, this research holds significant implications for the further development of component-based software technology and the widespread application of cloud component technology. By connecting application basic modules and platform basic modules to form the pages and portals of the user terminal system, this research provides a solid foundation for the practical application of component-based software technology. Simultaneously, by constructing a cloud component system, this research promotes the broad application of cloud component technology in various fields.

The successful development of the research project “Research on Software Quality Assurance and Testing Strategy Improvement and Automation Techniques” has brought numerous innovative opportunities and development prospects to the software development field. For example, in a well-known software company, the research achievements of this project have been widely applied. In the past, the company relied heavily on manual software testing, which required a significant amount of human resources and time investment. However, by introducing the new methods and tools proposed in the research project on software quality assurance and testing strategy improvement and automation techniques, the company made significant breakthroughs. With the assistance of YANG Feiyang’s research achievements, the company implemented an automated testing process and developed an efficient software quality assurance strategy. By introducing automated testing tools, they were able to conduct software testing more quickly and accurately, greatly improving the coverage and efficiency of testing. Moreover, the improved testing strategy helped them identify and resolve issues early in the software development process, reducing the risk of later repair costs and customer complaints. Within the software company, YANG Feiyang’s research achievements have inspired creativity and entrepreneurship among many software developers. With these new tools and technologies, they can focus on software innovation and feature development, rather than being burdened by tedious manual testing work. This allows them to fully leverage their talents and potentials, giving the company a greater competitive advantage. In addition to the mentioned software company, the research achievements of this project have also been applied in other software development labs and companies. In various labs across China, researchers are utilizing these improved and automated testing strategies to address the challenges related to software quality assurance. These examples are just a few among many beneficiaries, and the successful development of the project has eliminated barriers for many individuals on the fringes of the software development field, opening up broader opportunities for innovation and growth. This can be likened to a wide highway that allows many software developers to fully unleash their talents and potentials.

YANG Feiyang’s role in this research is significant and has made a tremendous contribution to the software development industry in China. The impact of this research achievement is far-reaching, as it provides vital support for the improvement and automation of technology in the field of software development. By raising the standards and efficiency of software quality assurance and testing strategies, this research creates a more favorable environment and tools for software developers, helping to enhance the competitiveness and innovation capabilities of the software engineering industry. Additionally, YANG Feiyang’s contributions should not be overlooked. His research has advanced the software development community and provided important guidance and inspiration for software developers. Through his efforts, software developers are better equipped to tackle challenges, broaden their perspectives, and continuously develop and innovate, which will further drive the growth and development of the software development industry in China.

YANG Feiyang often describes the essence of software development from a perspective: while all things in the world can be seen as hardware, the mission of software is to establish connections, manage changes, and drive workflow. Software development, as a complex intellectual labor, requires rigorous logical thinking and comprehensive considerations. From this perspective, software development indeed demands a significant amount of intellectual effort. However, when the software development is successful, the unparalleled joy it brings outweighs all the efforts and hardships.

It is the presence of software development experts like YANG Feiyang that has attracted more and more people to join the ranks of software engineers. It is the hard work of these experts that has made our daily lives increasingly convenient and exciting. Their work and achievements have had a significant impact on society, driving technological progress and social development.

All this indicates that the work of software engineers is indispensable. Through innovation and hard work, they make our lives and work environments more intelligent, efficient, and convenient. The contributions of software engineers are not only reflected in the technological aspect but also play a crucial role in the development of the social economy and the improvement of people’s quality of life.

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