RT (Reputation token) officially landed in aWallet wallet-opening the way for Dex to reach the top


aWallet is one of the most popular digital asset wallets in the world. According to the official data provided by aWallet, the wallet has accumulated more than 2.8 million device installations and currently supports public chains such as ETH, BTC, EOS, and Cosmos. It has been recognized by the market in terms of safety, ease of use and multi-function. At present, RT has completed the submission of relevant procedures and codes, and you can see it by searching RT on aWallet. At present, RT and aWallet have officially completed the connection. RT’s currency holders can already use the wallet to manage tokens and other related services derived from potential future cooperation.

RT (Reputation token) officially landed in aWallet wallet-opening the way for Dex to reach the top

Recently, the RT geek team has continued to accelerate the ecological layout of the blockchain, and soon RT will be listed on Uniswap, the world’s largest decentralized exchange. In the future, users who hold RT can conduct liquidity mining in Uniswap.

In the near future, RT will also use smart contracts to connect data from off-chain financial platforms, build a highly secure decentralized financial network, and establish a shared data source on the chain for the DeFi community. With the development and application of more and more community mining tokens, there will be more interactions between the chain and the chain. At the same time, RT will connect more financial derivatives (Financial Derivatives), pledge lending, games, insurance and forecasting. Markets and many other industries are compatible with data and aggregate mining, and achieve network reliability and security with higher network credibility and reputation nodes, so as to fully ensure the independence and fairness of its aggregate finance, and create a A completely decentralized trading platform.

After the cooperation with aWallet this time, RT tokens will continue to log in to multiple wallets and cooperate with other partners in the short term. Please look forward to it!

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