Return the Precious Definition Right to the Public,Witness the Redefinition of Greatness in Museum Art


For a long time, the preferences of the upper class determine what can become the mainstream, and the things that have won their recognition still boast of a high status today. Collections we know have often gone through the process of being buried for many years and losing their authors before they are valued. However, there are only a few lucky ones. Perhaps most of the valuable treasures that are not accepted by the rich have long disappeared in the long river of history.

Taking artworks as an example, in the 19th century, galleries, museums and collectors became the spokesmen of high-ranking people and strode into the art world. Many works were usually screened by them and totally controlled before they reached us. Therefore, they could only be traded at sky-high prices by a limited group. The works of those talented artists who were not appreciated disappeared silently into the corner.

Until the emergence of Museum Art, a typical case of digital assets, the right to define value and  greatness were handled to the public. In the platform of Museum Art, anyone can create an amazing metaverse exhibition in 15 minutes. Any artist or collector in the world can forge their own NFT. As described by the decentralization feature, all behaviors become open, no longer controlled by a subject forever. They are no longer controlled and limited.

The co-founder of Museum Art once said in an interview, “for many people, owning great artworks and luxury treasures seem completely out of reach. However, thanks to Museum Art, any investor can enjoy the pleasure of owning the treasure. Our plan provides individuals with the opportunity to make wonderful investments – not only in currency appreciation, but also in sharing aesthetic things.”

“Another advantage is that it makes it easier for everyone to get access to rare products; Expensive artworks are usually held and maintained by private collectors, but we intend to work with museums to let them publicly display their works to the world and create funds for future purchase.”

In terms of both the essence of technology and the future of development, NFT is the general trend. Even in the rapidly rising NFT platforms, Museum Art is one of the best. Its birth quickly set off a wave of upsurge in the NFT circle, making the NFT field show the momentum during the popular development period of DeFi.

Museum art is a diversified and integrated NFT platform, which is committed to non-fungible tokenizing and digitizing the world’s top treasures, artworks, antiques, gemstones and other high-value physical assets. Meanwhile, it can provide functions such as creation and transaction, auction, physical mapping NFT and pledge. At the same time, it provides an integrated ecosystem for publishers, suppliers, collectors and investors. What’s more, the platform will also issue the equity token, MANFT, to support lovers’ self governance of the platform.

Driven by the Metaverse, content production and digital assets are combined organically. The changes brought by it are not limited to the transformation of the form of art market. It also brings about the collision of physical assets and digital content.

In a short period of time, Museum Art plans to mainly realize digital right confirmation, circulation and transaction of the online virtual assets represented by artworks; In the medium term, assets in the traditional real world such as rare collections, antiques and luxury jewelry will be on the blockchain and realize liquidity transformation at any time; In the long term, through the Oracle system, the physical assets can achieve the results from the asset online to the asset on blockchain, carrying more abundant asset value.

In the early days, NFT mainly focused on digital collections and artworks. The birth of Museum Art made NFT a field comparable to the field of DeFi. Later, Museum Art will also embrace and strengthen this trend. It will become a part of the new history of non-fungible tokenization of the physical assets and the revolutionary opportunities that will affect the future. At present, let us witness the rise of Museum Art and the redefinition of greatness!

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