Protest trucks demanding Seunghan’s removal from RIIZE sent to SM Entertainment building in Seongsu-dong


Some fans have raised funds to launch a truck protest demanding the removal of member Seunghan from RIIZE. 

Protest trucks as those shown below were sent outside the SM Entertainment building in Seongsu-dong on September 1 KST, displaying the following messages:

1. “An Obstacle for Stanning RIIZE, the Nuisance Member Hong Seung Han, Take Responsibility and Leave.”

2. “Do Not Use the Other Members to Stir Up Media Play about Hong Seung Han.” 

3. What is SM 3.0? The Era of Embracing Nuisance Members!”

4. “Branch 5, Stop Trying to Pick A Fight With Fans and Get Your Head On Straight.”

5. “Hong Seung Han Get Out, Hong Seung Han  Get Out, Hong Seung Han Get Out.” 

6. “Hong Seung Han Out.” 

However, some netizens were opposed to the idea of such a large-scale truck protest, commenting, 

“That is not the opinion of all RIIZE fans, only a select few selfish gallery users.” 

“Stop wasting money. These truck protests are nothing but a way to vent your anger in an unsightly way.”

“Demanding that he leave from this incident even before his debut is going too far. Technically, he is a victim of invasion of privacy.”

“In the end, the haters and crazies got the most fun out of this.”

“It’s probably true that he is going to be an obstacle for some fans who were interested in RIIZE. But the fans don’t get to control all these matters so obsessively.”

“Those people running this protest aren’t fans. They’re just looking for someone to attack.”

“Even before his debut, this guy’s attracted some nasty anti-fans. Legal repercussions is the only answer, SM.”

“There have been much more serious cases of idols committing actual crimes or hurting others. But this? This is just a case of private information being made public.” 

“Even if you’re upset, those messages on those trucks are too extreme.”

“If those truck protests actually worked, way more K-Pop idols would have left their teams by now.” 

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