It’s the holiday season and that means people will be traveling to be with friends and family, and if you’re planning to bring your pet along, there are things you can do now to prepare them for travel. Anna Chrisman from Michigan Humane stopped by “Live in the D” to give a few tips.

  • First, if you plan to board your pet while you travel, be sure their vaccines and emergency contacts are up to date.

  • Next, prepare your pet for travel, by sitting out and letting them get a feel for travel carriers/crates.

  • Be sure you have pet prescriptions from the vet.

  • Keep an emergency “pet kit,” with you, containing snacks, food, prescriptions.

Chrisman brought along a cute little Guinea Pig named Allen. He and other animals are in need of a home. If you adopt today’s Pet of the Week, the Mike Morse Law Firm will pay for all adoption fees.