Political expert outlines expectations for Landry’s conservative-leaning transition committees


BATON ROUGE- As the transition of power begins, Governor-elect Jeff Landry gave a preview of what his administration might look like.

On Tuesday, a press release showed 14 transitional councils that Landry believes need the most attention. Political analyst James Hartman says the names on the list are experienced and says Landry’s campaign promises shine through the selected few. 

“There is obviously a pro-business bent and leans to charter schools. That will upset our friends on the left,” Hartman said. “There are no real surprises with the direction the Governor-elect is taking.”

Some of the councils include coast and environment, crime, energy, infrastructure and higher education. West Baton Rouge District Attorney Tony Clayton was selected for the crime council.

Hartman says other names that stick out are Boysie Bollinger and Rebecca Boniol, but it doesn’t mean that all of the people chosen will have cabinet positions.

But Hartman explained this shows that Landry could deliver a conservative direction in his administration, which is something he pushed during campaigns. 

“The Governor-elects inner circle and this sphere of council chairs he has selected obviously shows the governor he will be, and I think that is the governor Louisiana voted for,” Hartman said.

Landry won nearly 52% of the vote in Octobers election, with several other candidates on the ballot.

Appointments to the Governor-elect’s cabinet will begin when Landry takes office Jan. 8. 

If you want to see the full list of transitional councils, click here.

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