PFT’s Week 12 2023 NFL power rankings


1. Eagles (9-1, last week No. 1): “There ain’t gonna be no rematch.”

2. 49ers (7-3, No. 2): Purdy perfect.

3. Ravens (8-3, No. 5): It’s Isaiah Likely time.

4. Lions (8-2, No. 4): The defense is still an issue.

5. Chiefs (7-3, No. 3): To paraphrase an infamous quote, Patrick Mahomes cannot throw the ball and catch it.

6. Dolphins (7-3, No. 6): The No. 1 remains within reach.

7. Jaguars (7-3, No. 7): Houston, hello.

8. Cowboys (7-3, No. 8): They really needed the Eagles to lose last night.

9. Browns (7-3, No. 9): The AFC elite need to take the Browns very seriously.

10. Texans (6-4, No. 13): DeMeco Ryans is the coach of the year.

11. Seahawks (6-4, No. 10): 49ers + Cowboys + 49ers + Eagles possibly equals a five-game losing streak.

12. Vikings (6-4, No. 12): They can outplay a lot of teams. But they also need to outscore them.

13. Bills (6-5, No. 16): Beating the Jets at home is one thing. Beating the Eagles in Philly will be quite another.

14. Steelers (6-4, No. 11): The wheels are coming off.

15. Broncos (5-5, No. 18): Sean Payton’s vision of a playoff berth suddenly isn’t so crazy.

16. Colts (5-5, No. 15): Can they string some wins together?

17. Bengals (5-5, No. 14): No Burrow? Big problem.

18. Saints (5-5, No. 19): The Eagles or Cowboys will be coming to the Superdome in the wildcard round.

19. Packers (4-6, No. 26): For the first time in the long time, the Packers will be the potential punching bag in a Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit.

20. Rams (4-6, No. 27): “We kept Seattle out of the playoffs” might be the lasting memory of the 2023 Rams.

21. Falcons (4-6, No. 21): If this is not playing musical chairs at quarterback what is?

22. Raiders (5-6, No. 20): Not getting blown out in Miami is further validation of Antonio Pierce.

23. Buccaneers (4-6, No. 22): Time is running out.

24. Chargers (4-6, No. 17): Time is running out.

25. Jets (4-6, No. 23): Time’s up.

26. Titans (3-7, No. 24): The question isn’t whether the Titans should move on from Mike Vrabel. The question is whether Mike Vrabel should move on from the Titans.

27. Giants (3-8, No. 30): So much for having a shot at a franchise quarterback in the draft.

28. Commanders (4-7, No. 25): Will Black Friday be Black Monday for Ron Rivera?

29. Bears (3-8, No. 28): Justin Fields will give them a lot to think about in the offseason.

30. Cardinals (2-9, No. 29): Kyler Murray is back.

31. Panthers (1-9, No. 31): Soon, no coach in his right mind will want to work for David Tepper.

32. Patriots (2-8, No. 32): Potential late-season spoiler is a role this team hasn’t played in a long, long time.

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