Petty Prince Harry is staging a ‘Romeo & Juliet play


Petty’ Prince Harry is staging a ‘Romeo & Juliet’ play

Prince Harry’s bid to hide the contributions made by Prince William and Kate Middleton over the years, to his cause, have just come under fire.

Allegations against the duke and his desires to paint himself as the ‘only one’ willing to work towards mental health woes has been referenced by Daniela Elser.

She shed light into everything during one of her pieces for

In it she clarified, “I’m not trying to take away from what Harry has achieved with Invictus” because “he is indisputably the driving force and beating heart of this organisation.”

But, not mentioning the fact that Prince William and Kate Middleton are down the same path allegedly speaks volumes.

“To watch Heart is to be reminded of what a powerhouse force the duke can be; of just how natural and genuine and good he is at listening to and supporting those who are struggling.”

“But failing to make even the most oblique reference in Heart to the part that his family has played feels petty and a bit of a transparent dodge.”

Before concluding she also added, “To Harry’s way of telling it, how he arrived at where things are now with the Games feels a bit like staging Romeo & Juliet but only reading one half of the star crossed lovers’ lines. It’s only part of the picture.”

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