Parfect World Binance Ecosystem The world’s first decentralized one-stop service platform


In today’s Web2.0 era, social products are already very rich, but the problem of data ownership and the distribution of user benefits continues to be brought to the table, but no solution has been found! With the improvement of people’s awareness of privacy, unified encrypted identity is particularly important! Parfect World focuses on the pain points of the social industry, adhering to the development concept of product technology-driven and service-oriented, providing a brand-new “SocialFi Open Service Platform”, and continuing to create the greatest value for users! Through an open, transparent, secure, and stable information content platform, build an encrypted relationship network between people, connect more projects suitable for the development of SocialFi, and promote the large-scale application of Web3.0.

It is very beneficial that the Parfect World overseas community has been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years! We are well aware of the problems of user management. Although there are many tools, they still cannot solve the problems of user authenticity and high cost, which leads to frequent frustrations in user incentives; although there are many blockchain business systems, there are similarities in user groups. Many companies are reluctant to release traffic, which eventually forms isolated islands of users. Only by effectively solving the problem of user communication, bringing in a large number of users, establishing a user link network, and forming a traffic pool can help companies generate revenue.

Parfect World Binance Ecosystem The world’s first decentralized one-stop service platform

We know that in the current environment, the concepts of owner economy and fan economy have become popular in the social system. Parfect World can be used as a SocialFi booster. It is not only a decentralized user link network, but also DAO-based. Apply the content social platform, and finally get through the interactive attributes to achieve economic integration! Any role within the Parfect World network can initiate an application listing proposal, and any organization or individual that votes has the right to supervise the application. Parfect World is an open platform centered on user behavior incentives. It aims to allow users to enjoy the massive applications of the blockchain, realize the leap of SocialFi through the financialization and tokenization of its own social influence, and realize TapToEarn! TapToBulid! to create revenue.

1. Features of Parfect World

(1) Empower the project party

Based on the decentralized user link network, Parfect World has formed a perfect and self-consistent economic system, breaking the intermediate links and effectively solving the problem of user fission! Help project parties reduce customer acquisition costs, let developers focus on the business itself, and welcome the real Web3.0 era!

(2) Accumulate wealth for users

Based on data algorithms and DAO’s DApp management solution, Parfect World presents users with the most transparent and massive DApps, completes the value transfer of content, and demonstrates personal value. Through the value capture and continuous tool construction of Parfect World, it helps users to enter the market faster and gradually establish a more imaginative autonomous ecology!

(3) Healthy flow of living water

The Internet has 3.5 billion users, and people have long been accustomed to the operating habits and data transparency of Web2.0. Parfect World combines NFTDID to complete the anonymity and dissemination of user identity information on the basis of the same somatosensory sensation, and realize privacy protection. The underlying algorithm mechanism of Parfect World allows a more balanced distribution of interests between users and project parties, and between users and users.

(4) DAO runs through the ecology

DAO is like a large decentralized community. With a community, there are more possibilities for realization. Developers or users can issue their own DAO tokens, upgrade to DAO project parties, and break through the value constraints of the existing community. Self-sustaining, socialization is capital, socialization is currency and other characteristics. Parfect World supports project parties or users to establish DAO tasks, advocates users to participate in project construction, improves project content, conducts community management, supervises the quality of projects within the ecosystem, uses smart contracts to ensure the distribution of user rights and interests, and finally realizes Taptoearn.

2. Implementation mechanism of Parfect World

(1) The only digital ID card in the entire network

NFT is deeply used in the blockchain world, and avatar NFT has created a very high market value, so it is perceived by the Internet world and is widely recognized. Users will write the information they are willing to disclose in the Parfect World world into NFT, helping developers to acquire customers with one click, and linking all behaviors, data and assets in Web3.0.

Parfect World has built a mapping and reading system that maps the user’s commonly used blockchain native addresses to user names that are easy to read in the real world, and also helps users establish a blockchain account. Link NFT digital identity to the entire DAPP world through the deployment of smart contracts!

(2) Parfect World User Relationship Agreement

Invitation rebates are a common tool for operation and promotion. There are many uncertainties in centralized invitation rebates. For example, it is unknown whether the number of airdrop tokens is open and transparent, and whether the data has been artificially tampered with. Due to the scattered distribution channels, the project party needs to allocate the incentive digital assets to different channels. Due to the difference in technology selection, each enterprise needs to develop its own invitation and rebate function. The above points have been well resolved in Parfect World.

Parfect World is a decentralized system for recommending relationships and rebates. Parfect World links user relationship networks through user identities, tracks and records behavior data, relationship data, and value data in user DApps through smart contracts. Algorithm matching is real and real-time. on-chain rebates, wake up sleeping users, and are permanently valid.

(3) One-stop DApp information service platform

There are many comprehensive, DAPPSTORE, and market information platforms in the market. Users need to install multiple applications to obtain DApp information completely. The energy is scattered and the information acquisition is not timely. Some users are still unable to perform follow-up actions even if they capture the information. The Parfect World information sharing platform manages and supervises through DAO, and motivates professional users to output value information through behavior mining, thereby increasing user stickiness and establishing a stronger user relationship network. Build a new channel of SocialFi to help the development of Web3.0!

The implementation is as follows:

1. DApp launch

Parfect World obtains DAPP data from mainstream platforms through advanced crawler algorithms, provides users with screening and supervision, and feeds back the value of the information platform. At the same time, it also provides users with different types of DAPP listing templates, encourages users to list DAPPs, matches through task algorithms, and completes user incentives directly on the chain.

2. DApp supervision

Parfect World supports any role to initiate customer acquisition tasks in the platform, and presents it to users through recommendation algorithms, encourages users to actively monitor and analyze DAPPs, and builds a reliable bridge between users and projects.

3. Continuously improving behavioral mining

Taking into account the time period for users to enter the blockchain industry, Parfect World has built a layered and staged DApp content system for users, helping users to use DApps through continuous tooling and programming, and achieving continuous growth in user revenue.

For example: Parfect World provides a large number of new items to help users understand Gamef and Def types of items faster, and gain considerable benefits with one click.

3. Business Model

Parfect World is based on Web3.0 and blockchain technology, relying on the open service platform of DApp, and attempts to deflect the social economy through SocialFi and DAO to establish a link network between users.

(1) Data package fee

The Parfect World network has a large number of digital identity data of users, and it is also a network of link relationships between people. The data of link relationships and rebate relationships are the core assets of the Parfect World platform. The project party owns these data, which is equivalent to obtaining the best quality customers and can quickly carry out business activities.

(2) Tool usage fee

The current operating threshold of the blockchain is too high. Parfect World continues to build a tool set around the user relationship network and user incentive behavior. These toolsets will be collected into the Parfect World market tool section for users and project parties to filter and use.

(3) Governance Tokens

Parfect World governance tokens will be based on invitation relationship establishment and behavioral mining, and will be rewarded to users in the Parfect World network based on contribution and task completion, such as: ecology, new tasks, IDO tasks, supervision DApp tasks, etc.

In April this year, based on the Parfect World ecological application “Xinghuo”, it launched a multi-cube decentralized one-stop service, providing users around the world with a safe, inclusive, innovative and convenient one-stop service platform, opening up the blockchain The new situation of the service industry will surely become the disruptor of the future industry!

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