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Places have atmospheres or auras, or qualities of energy.

Maui has been blessed with beauty, mana, a certain feel of joyfulness or holiday.

But the coin has been tossed and has come up the opposite. We are amid a wave of sadness, sorrow, mourning, disfavor, indignation, anxiety, distrust, apprehension and vulnerability.

Those most directly affected by the fire feel that vultures are circling or howling wolves grow closer.

Ultimately, we realize that this is a temporary state of physical deprivation and psychological siege, but one that will last for considerable time.

Generally, this sort of catastrophe has several stages or phases. There’s fear, doubt and victimization. Then a coming together. Then anger and indignation. Then battle or struggle. However, these phases have been concentrated here just as the heat of the sun is concentrated in Maui and especially Lahaina.

Our leaders failed in two important tasks. They failed to protect us at the time of the threat, and they failed to convince us that they acted in the best interest of the people. And will continue to do so. (They should be replaced by ballot, dismissal or resignation.)

Full redemption of them will have to await a postmortem state, but they can begin the process by speaking truthfully and sincerely answering questions. And otherwise acting nobly.

To the non-philosophical among them, I say, “Remember, the ultimate is the immediate.”

Raphael O’Suna


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