OOE draws inspiration from the Oriental Bronze civilization to open a new narrative of blockchain runes


All along, Bitcoin has been positioned as a digital currency blockchain, mainly responsible for the payment function; Ethereum, as a representative of the smart contract blockchain, can build decentralized applications through smart contracts and is positioned as a decentralized application development platform.
Bitcoin, the first blockchain, has been around for 14 years, giving the impression that it is old, conservative, slow and not scalable enough; But everything changed when the OOE rune appeared, and OOE allowed the market to be more imaginative.
Runes mean words/symbols engraved on something (such as stones, bronzes, coins, tablets, etc.). Bitcoin inscriptions are metadata engraved on satoshi. With Binance announcing the launch of SATS in spot and contract, the heat of the rune sector has been further boosted.
In addition to the Bitcoin inscriptions and Ethereum inscriptions with significant wealth effect and few entry opportunities, the inscriptions of various public chains have also become the focus of the community, and the dog chain inscriptions, Binance intelligent chain inscriptions, Wright inscriptions, and BASE chain inscriptions have been discovered one after another, and have their own secondary trading markets. With the spillover of the Bitcoin inscription and Ethereum inscription wealth creation effect, similar to ETHS, other public chain RC20 tokens may also become the next potential wealth code. Of these, Polygon has the most potential.
As the first rune protocol with application ecology in the Polygon chain, OOE is about to be fairly launched, and 100%MINT has completed the direct online market.
OOE is a groundbreaking platform that blends ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology. OOE, also known as rune, draws inspiration from the rich heritage of ancient Chinese bronze inscriptions, combining the historical significance of runes with the infinite possibilities of blockchain to bring the stamp of bronze civilization into a new era of digital assets for the first time.
Just as these bronze runes carry stories of craft, remembrance and cultural milestones, OOE brings this tradition into the digital age, creating a narrative that transcends time. Explore the future of virtual currency through OOE and become the option with the most upward space.
OOE is a way to create any symbolic content (such as unique bronze rune pictures, videos, etc.) through the calldata function in the Polygon blockchain transaction, using the transaction calldata to generate tokens or unique NFT-like image artifacts embedded in the network transaction, and turn them into on-chain digital art. That is, the inscription is done by sending the calldata to be inscribed to the transaction, which displays the inscription content on the chain. This content then connects with that calldata, turning it into an immutable digital artwork that can be tracked, transferred, stored, bought, and sold.
This also makes the OOE protocol unique and competitive:
First come, first served: Transactions are processed seamlessly based on payment priority.
Define uniqueness: Once inscribed, later entrants cannot copy the inscription.
Relatively fair: Everyone can mint, and success depends on vision and speed.
Limited quantity: Cast runes with a specific number, creating exclusivity.
Immutable runes: The engraving on the satoshi ensures tamper-proof security.
OOE has great potential, and only a small percentage of OOE runes have gained traction, which presents an opportunity for early adopters. In addition, OOE’s current market cap remains modest, making it a suitable entry point. And many have yet to discover the potential of OOE, which provides a strategic advantage to informed players.
Join the OOE Movement – How to get involved:
Enter the wallet directly to the address: https://ooe.world/ click the MINT button, prompting the link wallet, after the link wallet, directly click the MINT button to mint.
Blaze your path: Mint valuable tokens or NFT with thoughtful inscriptions.
Be an early adopter: Participate in initial inscriptions to demonstrate your vision and speed.
Trade with confidence: OOE trading reflects the traditional approach – buy low and sell high.
In terms of the current state of the market, we believe that in the dynamic field of blockchain technology, there is bound to be a paradigm shift as OOE becomes the first rune protocol on the Polygon chain with ecological application scenario support. Explore the OOE universe, where each rune tells a story and each transaction becomes a chapter in an evolving narrative. The rune market is not just about assets, it’s about creating a legacy in the digital realm.
Investors and community members can get more updates on OOE via the official Twitter feed and the Exchange market link. Official Twitter address:

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