‘No Labels’ political party now officially registered in North Carolina


WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) – Next year, you could see a new political party on your election ballot.

The No Labels party was officially recognized by the North Carolina Board of Elections earlier this week, and voters can now register to become part of the new party.

No Labels leaders say the party was created to reflect the beliefs of moderate and centrist voters, where experts say many Americans fall in the current political climate.

“The choices being served up by the two political parties are just not acceptable,” Admiral Dennis Blair, chairman of the No Labels party, said. “Right now, we think a third balanced ticket that reflects what American’s are thinking has a good chance of winning.”

Some New Hanover County democrats and republicans, however, aren’t convinced the new party will be successful.

“Now is not the time to play political games,” Jill Hopman from the NHC Democratic Party said. “With the stakes we have in 2024, now is not the time to dabble in a political experiment.”

NHC Republican Party Chair Nevin Carr sent WECT News a statement saying, “There are many political parties, but none are as focused and effective at protecting our freedoms guaranteed under the constitution as local county Republican parties. The NHC Republican party is not the Republican party in DC…We are your neighbors, friends, and coworkers who realize our efforts have the highest impact through the NHC Republican Party.”

The No Labels party has one main goal, which is to bring bipartisanship to the White House. Admiral Blair said that if President Biden and former President Trump receive their party’s nominations in 2024, No Labels will recruit a candidate to enter the presidential race.

North Carolina was the tenth state to recognize the No Labels party as an official political party.

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