NFL looking at Brazil, Spain as potential hosts for games


The NFL will play its first international game of the 2023 season next week and the league has been investigating possible sites for future games as well.

NFL executive vice president Peter O’Reilly told Adam Schefter of ESPN that the league is looking at Brazil and Spain as potential hosts for games in future seasons. O’Reilly called both countries strong and important markets for the league and said that soccer stadiums in both countries have shown interest in being the site for NFL contests.

Those sites include the stadiums for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid as well as sites in Rio de Janiero and Sao Paolo in Brazil.

“That’s the diligence that we do constantly,” O’Reilly said. “What is the stadium like here? Could we play a game here? What does the support look like? So we’re not there yet in terms of timing on that. But you’re right, we are spending time in those markets, building relationships and looking at the stadia there.”

London will host three games this year and there will be two games in Frankfurt, Germany.

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