New Starfield mod introduces heavily requested space travel feature


Published: 2023-09-24T04:38:28

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-24T04:38:40

A new Starfield mod allows players to seamlessly travel in space, a feature that has been heavily requested since the game’s release.

This mod, introduced by modder 105gun and titled “Slower Than Light,” enables players to control the speed gear of their ship using hotkeys, allowing travel at hundreds of times the speed of light, allowing for interplanetary travel without the need for fast travel or load times.

Since Starfield’s launch, players have expressed their frustration and disappointment over the lack of manual space flight in Starfield, arguing that the fast travel system severely limited the sense of exploration and freedom.

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The only way to travel between planets was by selecting the destination from the menu, which was a huge letdown for some players who were hoping to fly between planets rather than using a fast-travel system.

Players on Reddit shared their dissatisfaction with no seamless space travel, with one stating, “There’s no feeling of exploring — or traveling for that matter. I would love at least the ability to manually travel to other planets and moons.”

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And now that’s possible thanks to 105gun, who explained that the mod allows control over the speed gears via hotkeys, with the highest gear enabling travel at more than a hundred times the speed of light.

The mod does have some limitations, such as occasional visual bugs at the fastest speed and the need to reduce speed as players approach a planet to allow it to load properly. However, it has been a significant step towards achieving the immersive space flight experience that many players hoped for.

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Bethesda had clarified its design philosophy well before the game’s release, with Todd Howard stating that the feature of seamless travel between space and planets was “really just not that important to the player.”

However, the modding community appears to disagree, having already taken these steps to enhance the space travel experience in Starfield in what is admittedly a “crude” fix for now.

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