New Fox World Travel Tech Tackles Guest Travel Mgmt.


Fox World Travel has developed new technology for clients to manage unprofiled travelers, the company announced.

The technology provides a secure portal for authorizing unprofiled travelers, with administrators able to set such parameters as trip dates, approved airports, spending limits and payment method. Authorizers can create multiple submissions in one session with the prepopulated fields.

Those parameters are prepopulated for booking, and the unprofiled travelers are notified by Fox by phone or email to complete the booking, selecting their desired flights and filling in any missing details, according to Fox. The authorizer gets confirmation both when the traveler is notified and when the booking is complete, Fox VP of business travel George Kalka said.

The system can enable payment configuration on data such as department, cost center and trip purpose, and authorizers can include a unique payment card with card details hidden from the traveler, according to Fox.

Fox built the solution in response to the needs of one of its clients, and it’s now available to all customers within the Fox portal. Guest travel management is a growing need for clients with growth in the consulting industry as well as a rise in cybercrime, necessitating a more secure process to manage guest details and prevent fraud, Kalka said.

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