More U.S. Travelers Than Ever Are Visiting This Iconic European City


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In the bustling heart of England, a city once familiar to Americans primarily through history books and period dramas has taken on a new role – that of a thriving tourism hotspot.

A recent report from the UK’s Office for National Statistics shows that while tourism in London has yet to catch up to pre-pandemic numbers, U.S. travelers are flocking to it at record rates.

woman on Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background, Londonwoman on Westminster Bridge with Big Ben in the background, London

Considering that the two countries have a centuries-long history, of which overseas travel has been a big component, it’s worth exploring why Americans seem to be drawn to the English capital now more than ever.

The Post-Pandemic Surge

Now that travel is finally back in full force, tourists are getting a chance to redeem those unused vouchers and postponed reservations that were pushed back due to the pandemic. 

information board at the airport showing canceled flightsinformation board at the airport showing canceled flights

Most airlines and travel companies that issued new expiration dates for their coupons chose 2023 as the new deadline.

So, if you also happen to have one of these offers from before 2020, it’s worth checking out the renewed terms and conditions, which should be on the company’s website.

That, combined with what experts are calling “revenge travel” (a term that refers to people wanting to make up for the lost time they had to spend inside their homes by traveling more), has led to more Americans traveling internationally than ever. 

man with his luggage at an empty airportman with his luggage at an empty airport

As it happens, a good percentage of them are heading to the lively English capital.

The Allure Of The Royal Family

The British royal family has long captivated the American imagination. 

If you’re anything like the millions of visitors who have flocked to London this past year, you’ll love getting to experience the grandeur of Buckingham Palace and the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Buckingham Palace, LondonBuckingham Palace, London

It’s worth noting that what’s arguably the biggest reason behind the royal family’s popularity among the U.S. public is the fact that the institution represents a fascinating, unshakable link to England’s rich history.

If that’s what you’re truly interested in, you won’t want to miss out on the British Museum, the Tower of London, the London Bridge, and Westminster Abbey, either.

Westminster Abbey in LondonWestminster Abbey in London

Natural Wonders

Whether you’re looking forward to visiting the Natural History Museum, having a picnic at Greenwich Park, or hiking from Tring to Princes Risborough, London promises the experience of a lifetime for nature lovers.

greenwich ukgreenwich uk

While the English capital has a bit of a reputation for being too rainy for most outdoor activities, the truth of the matter is that precipitation occurs less than half of the year, giving you plenty of time to take advantage of the mild climate and enjoy the great outdoors.

Iconic Events

Beyond its historical allure, London is home to some of the world’s most iconic events.

Sports fans, for example, will be spoiled for choice between Wimbledon, the London Marathon, and the exhilarating Premier League matches that generally take place between August and May.

Fashionistas already have London Fashion Week placed right at the top of their bucket list, while those looking to get into a festive spirit usually plan their London trip in time to experience the iconic New Year’s Eve Fireworks show.

New Year fireworks in London at the Tower bridge with firework, UKNew Year fireworks in London at the Tower bridge with firework, UK

Between these, at least a dozen other city-wide events, and more cultural attractions than you can count, one thing’s for sure – there’s always something to do in London.

Speaking The Same Language

One of the main disadvantages of international travel is the stress that comes with trying to overcome the language barrier. 

Now that travelers are coming out of a 2-year slump, a relaxing, confusion-free travel experience is more important than ever. 

That’s why so many of them are choosing one of the only major international hotspots in the world that has English as its official language.

row of UK flags near Buckingham Palacerow of UK flags near Buckingham Palace

It’s also worth noting that many tourists are choosing London as their destination of choice simply due to it becoming a trendy hotspot.

This past year, several celebrities, including Gabrielle Union, Judd Apatow, and Nicole Scherzinger have made appearances at London events, serving as an example that the English capital is truly the place to be right now.

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