Metaverse Chain Game BICG has won the favor of many capitals, and will soon start private placement and take off immediately


The metaverse is considered to be the ultimate form of the Internet, a beautiful new world, something that can change games, social interaction, and even the way of life of all human beings. The next stage of the Internet must be driven by perception terminals, high-speed Internet, and blockchain. In the virtual world supported by various terminals and technologies, human beings have been constantly emerging from the virtual world. Based on this, the Metaverse Chain Game BICG was born.

BICG is a decentralized NFT, metaverse and chain game ecosystem application system created by BICG DAO in conjunction with the world’s top technical teams and community elites. As a practical ecological platform for NFT, metaverse and chain games, BICG provides a series of technical and functional characteristics to support the value mapping between the real world and the virtual world of the metaverse, and provide feasible solutions for exploration and early realization of value mapping The realization path, at present, has been launched in the world. In the near future, many capitals have joined forces, and it is about to set off a wave in the global market.

Metaverse Chain Game BICG has won the favor of many capitals, and will soon start private placement and take off immediately

According to the BICG team, Metaverse Chain Game BICG has won the favor of New Enterprise Associates, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Venrock Associates, InterWest Partners and other capitals. BICG is led by well-known blockchain investors Jed McCaleb and Roger Ver. The top blockchain talent team will jointly build BICG, a new metaverse chain game system.

In the future game application ecology, BICG integrates competitive game matrices such as e-sports, mobile and computer games, and console games through the blockchain network and token mechanism, so that the online virtual environment and the physical environment are integrated into one, creating The borderless entertainment world creates an unprecedented on-chain competitive gaming entertainment experience for global users.

In addition, Metaverse Chain Games BICG will continue to expand its diverse ecosystems including storage cloud platforms, game distribution platforms, game props trading platforms, advertising platforms and incubators to provide players, R&D, pipeline providers and game advertisers with a complete area of Blockchain integrated application solutions, developers can create blockchain applications through the Metaverse BICG toolset, and obtain comprehensive service support through other platforms.

In the future, the BICG platform will issue the BICG value token, which will be privately held to create the world’s first complete blockchain competitive game development toolset, and is committed to bringing developers and mobile devices into the blockchain competitive game world and opening up the competition. The circulation of virtual assets between games has penetrated BICG tokens into hundreds of thousands of games and applications, covering more than one billion users around the world.

The future has come, Metaverse Chain Tour BICG is about to subvert the existing game world, bring an unprecedented game experience, face the world, and is about to take off!

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